Summary: We all go into our cosmetic surgery procedures hoping for amazing results. Most of the time we achieve them, but sometimes doctors don’t give you those perfect results after the first surgery. Nothing is your fault, and you do not have to suffer in silence. Revision rhinoplasty procedures are extremely common and can perfect mistakes left by primary nasal surgeries, as well as fix that over-worked look you may have gotten from having too many corrective surgeries.

Taking That Leap

The risks associated with cosmetic surgery is one of the scariest parts of the decision making process. While our results usually turn out exactly as we wished for, there are sometimes that doctors just don’t get it right the first time. Whether your surgeon took too much during your first procedure, or several corrective procedures have left you with an over-worked look, revision surgery can and will help. Cosmetic surgeons are trained to fix even the worst mistakes, and giving up never has to be an option. When your nose is in the right hands, you can rest assured that you will look better. Don’t live with the imperfect initial results of your plastic surgery disaster. The results of one (or more…) bad nose jobs can almost always be corrected.

Perfecting Those Imperfections

Revision surgeons can fix the damage done to your nose, regardless of what has been done to it by prior procedures. Below is a list of common blunders that revision rhinoplasty can help to repair:

  • Repairing abnormal, twisted,  or pointy nasal tips
  • Restoring over-operated noses back to a more natural look
  • Altering profiles after bad results from a primary surgery
  • Many other plastic surgery mistakes…


The Right Questions are Critical

The key to having the perfect revision surgery is finding the perfect revision rhinoplasty surgeon. It seems like an impossible task, but armed with the right questions you can sort through the candidates and find the doctor that is perfect for your needs. Some of the most important questions to ask include:

The perfect revision surgeon is the best bet at getting the perfect revision results. The task of finding them may seem daunting, but by asking the right questions your search for the doctor who will bring you the results you desire will be easier than you think. Below are some critical questions you must ask:

  • How often to patients return to you with concerns about their results?
  • What types of revision work have you done in the past?
  • What is the average rate of revision after your cosmetic surgeries?
  • Do you have before and after pictures of your revision work?

Great surgeons will give you modest answers to these questions. No Manhattan plastic surgeon performs perfectly every time, and the most important trait in a cosmetic surgeon is that you trust them and feel comfortable and safe in their hands. Reviewing their before and after pictures, as well as finding out stats about their previous procedures, will set you up for success with your own revision surgery.

Revisions Bring Hope

Doctors can almost always fix your prior surgical mistakes. Sometimes they may say that they can’t do anything because of the scarring left behind by several other procedures. This is only true in very rare instances. Once you find the right doctor to perform your revision procedure, you can rest assured that you will get the results that you deserve. Cosmetic surgeons who specialize in revision surgery are dedicated to giving you beautiful, lasting results. Don’t suffer anymore thinking that your last results have to be your final ones. Even those who have had several corrective procedures can still have a beautiful nose. Hope is here.

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