Summary: Not many understand trigger finger, but there’s a chance you may have experienced it before. If you have, there is help!


Hands Off

Hand issues that require surgery are more common than you think, and in a country where chronic pain seems to affect almost everyone, it’s important to understand. One such issue is called “trigger finger.” We didn’t know what it was either, but when Houston hand surgeon Dr. Polsen gave us the inside scoop, we immediately understood the seriousness of this not-so-rare hand pain.

Trigger What?

Trigger finger is often associated with a “locking” of one of the fingers in the flex position. Sometimes one can palpate a nodule or bump at the base of one of the fingers which is locking. This can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. Issues with the hand affect everything we do: from working, to driving, to typing – we literally need our fingers functional for everything. If you have experienced “locking” of a finger and can feel a bump or nodule at the base, chances are you’re a great candidate for hand surgery.

How it Works

Hand surgery, like that at Clear Lake Hand Center in Houston, is complicated but the results are often very dramatic. If you suffer from pain, surgery may be able to relieve you in ways you never imagined. Treatment for trigger finger is typically an outpatient procedure which involves opening the constricting tunnel that the tendons are having difficulty gliding through. This will reduce any “locking” that has been occurring, and will return your fingers to a full range of motion.

Not For Everyone

Just like any form of surgery or cosmetic surgery, hand surgery is not for everyone. Meeting with a surgeon one-on-one and telling him everything about your condition will help determine whether or not you would benefit from surgery. A good doctor would never suggest a procedure that wouldn’t actually help you, so if you ever feel pressured into something it is a good sign you should find another clinic. Those who suffer from trigger finger in the Houston-area rave that Dr. Polsen is a first class surgeon who customizes his procedures to fit his patient’s needs.

Hand Surgery Today

If you worry you may be suffering from trigger finger, consulting with a surgeon will be the first step towards lasting relief. If it is determined that surgery will help, moving forward is the best option you have to achieve a pain-free life. Everyone deserves to live pain-free. Contact a qualified hand surgeon in your area, today.

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