Summary: Many women in the world seek out breast augmentation procedures. That should come as no surprise. Indeed, it’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. But how do you size yourself up for a breast augmentation? How do you know which size is going to be too large or too small? There are actually a couple of solutions to this, but most plastic surgeons rely on a device called an external sizer. This device is basically a bra that you can put breast implants into, giving you a mostly accurate preview of how large and heavy your new breasts will be.

breast augmentation

Previewing Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an incredibly popular procedure—and for good reason. Women love the way they look with a perkier, bigger bust line. Larger breasts can make a patient feel more empowered, more confident, more self-assured, and so on. Because, as any woman can tell you, the breasts aren’t just breasts, they’re a nexus of femininity, an influencer of proportion, a source of anxiety. If you aren’t comfortable with the size of your breasts, they have a way of becoming an unwelcome focus, not only of your attention but also of others. Contrary to popular opinion, most women don’t get a breast augmentation simply to impress a man (or men)—in fact, that’s quite far from the truth.

Most women, in fact, tend to pursue a breast augmentation procedure in order to increase their own confidence and self-image. But one of the questions that always comes up in pretty fundamental to a breast augmentation procedure: how big should you go? Of course, this is an incredibly personal decision, and depends significantly on your own personal opinion. That is, every patient has a specific opinion about her own body, what it currently looks like and what it should look like. As such, you’ll have your own ideas about how large your breasts should be. But those ideas don’t always match up with reality, and unfortunately, some patients are disappointed with their results because they feel they should have gone bigger (or smaller).

PhotoShopping Your New Breasts

But there are a couple of ways you can “preview” your breast augmentation. The first is through image editing. There are many plastic surgeons that, essentially, offer “photoshopping” of client’s images to show the increased breast size. This can be done in both a casual setting and a more anatomical setting. This will give patients a good idea of what they may look like after a breast augmentation surgery, and how their new bust sizes will work in the context of the rest of their bodies. In other words, this will give patients a sense of the proportion their larger breasts will provide.

Using an External Sizer

However, this does not always give patients a sense of the experience of having larger breasts. After all, breasts have a certain weight to them. For this reason, many plastic surgeons recommend that their patients wear a specially made bra. This “training” bra, called an external sizer, is essentially a bra that can be fitted with breast implants. The size of the implant can be made to match the size of the implant the patient is considering. In this way, the patient can wear their “new breasts” around for a while before committing to the size.

Now, the sizer isn’t perfect. The fact that the implants have to rest in a bra-like device essentially mean that they introduce a margin of error. But they do generally give patients a good idea of what to expect. In fact, they’re so popular that 74% of all plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom use sizers during their consultation process. That’s a huge number. It means that most women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure have had access to a sizer in order to better understand how their new breast size will affect their bodies.

Some Time for Final Results

It’s also important to remember that breast augmentation procedures will result in some swelling, and it will take the implant some time to find its final resting place. In other words, you won’t be able to judge the results immediately. It will take some time for the swelling to subside and for the implant to finalize its position. This means that things might look too big or too perky at first (or even just the opposite).

However, if patients are uncomfortable with their final results, they can pursue a procedure called breast implant revision surgery. According to the website of the Minneapolis breast implant revision experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, this procedure is employed to, essentially, change the size or shape of the breast implant in question. It’s not a particularly common procedure, but it is one that is employed when patients are unhappy with their final results.

Happy Patients the First Time

That said, most plastic surgeons would rather patients get the right procedure the first time. External sizers or photo-shopping regimens are designed for expressly this purpose. The consultation is an incredibly important time during the plastic surgery process, and accurately predicting what size will be the best fit for a patient is one of the most important aspects of the consultation. The better surgeons are at predicting the right size, the happier patients become in the long run.