Summary Teens have been getting plastic surgery for about as long as plastic surgery has been around. It’s true that teens do not make up a large portion of all patients; but they are still an important component to plastic and cosmetic procedures and it’s important to think about why they’re getting these procedures done. The top teen plastic surgery procedures may, in fact, surprise you; especially if you’re used to thinking of teens as shallow and impulsive. On an individual level, the opposite is quite often true.

popular plastic surgery for teens

What’s the Popular Plastic Surgery for Teens

We don’t often think about targeting plastic surgery for teenagers. In most cases, the bodies of teenagers are still developing. That can make plastic surgery somewhat problematic, as it can sometimes interfere with that natural development process. It’s also known that teens can be somewhat—well—turbulent when it comes to their wants and desires. What they want this week they may not want next week, so it can be difficult to gage whether they really want that plastic surgery procedure or whether they’re going through some kind of phase. All of that is probably true on a broad level—but that doesn’t always mean it’s true on an individual level.

That’s why plastic surgeons will meet with teens to discuss surgery—although it doesn’t happen terribly often. In most cases, teens are content to wait. But there are some teens who know what they want, and they know their bodies. Before any surgical procedure is performed, the teen must meet with the surgeon, who will then determine the best way to proceed (along with the parents of the teen, when applicable). This begs the question: what are teens going in for? What is the most popular plastic surgery for teens? Well, there’s a list.


Just as there are plenty of full grown adults who find it difficult to lose weight, there are many teens who simply cannot target a specific area through diet and exercise. This can be especially excruciating for a teenager because young people are, somehow, supposed to be slender. There are some teens who can be teased relentlessly because they have a little extra weight in certain places. Liposuction is designed to eliminate specific pockets of fat, leaving the patient and the surgeon with a lot of options in terms of ensuring the final look is what the patient desires.

Ear Surgery

The ears are odd looking pieces of anatomy, no matter how you look at them. However, most of the time, your ears simply blend in. That’s not the case for patients who are looking for ear surgery. Often, for these patients, the ears tend to stick out or are asymmetrical. Often, this can make patients feel uncomfortable. The solution is a procedure known as ear deformity correction, or earlobe correction. This procedure places the ears in a more natural looking position, explaining the popularity of the procedure among teens.


Known as “nose reshaping” or, more colloquially, the “nose job,” this procedure is designed to change the shape of the nose. Unfortunately, many patients elect to undergo this procedure to escape teasing or bullying. Still others simply want to feel more comfortable and confident in the way this very prominent feature works with the rest of the face. Generally, a rhinoplasty procedure takes several months to recover from, but the results are often quite favorable. In other words, the new shape of the nose—whether larger, smaller, straighter or rounder—tends to make patients quite happy.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty can be a painful and time consuming process. That’s why many teens opt instead for a non surgical nose job procedure. This procedure is designed to get the same results as a surgical rhinoplasty (though somewhat less bold) without the need for a painful recovery period. Non surgical rhinoplasty procedures use dermal fillers to shape the nose, adding volume in strategic areas. Patients love this procedure because it can completely change the overall shape and appearance of the nose. That this can be accomplished without surgery, in a relatively painless fashion, and leaves only a temporary effect means it’s quite popular with the teenage crowd (and with their parents).

Using Plastic Surgery for Good

Whether you approve of plastic surgery for teens or not, it’s not a stretch to say that teens get plastic surgery procedures (or cosmetic procedures) performed for much the same reason that anyone else does—to feel better about the way their bodies look. Or, to say it another way, to feel better in their own bodies. For some teens, this means changing something that people have teased constantly. For other teens, it means focusing on a spot that they simply want to change. Either way, it’s important to note that not all teens will go into this process thoughtlessly.

If you’re curious about what plastic surgery can do for you or your teen, the best place to get answers is through your surgeon. Only in one on one conversations with a surgeon can you determine if plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is the right course. And that’s true with all patients, not just teens.