Does Plastic Surgery Change When You Have Kids?

It can be difficult to plan your plastic surgery when you have children. First there are the logistical challenges. The kids still have to get to school somehow! But secondly, there is the difficulty that comes with trying to find the perfect time to schedule your surgery, so you still have plenty of time to enjoy the results but you aren’t necessarily on the cusp of having another child. The balance can be difficult to achieve.

Planning your plastic surgery when you have children can create some extra complications. At the very least, if you have kids, you’re likely going to have a few more questions than somebody who doesn’t. I find this somewhat ironic, because plastic surgery was clearly designed for people whose bodies have been through childbirth or parenting.

Planning Plastic Surgery When You Have Children

We can break these complications down into two different categories. The first set of complications has to do with your procedure itself, especially the recovery. There’s just a little bit of extra planning and awareness that is necessary when you’re having plastic surgery and you also have one or two (or more) children to take care of as well.

The second set of complications has to do with timing. There are some procedures that are best left until after you’re done having children. But as anyone with children knows, life can be incredibly unpredictable. And so knowing when to undergo your plastic surgery procedure–especially if you’re uncertain about the possibility of future children–can decisions involving timing quite complex. Suffice it to say, plastic surgery when you have children can be complicated–but certainly worth it.

Does Having Children Influence What Procedure You Undergo?

It’s very possible that the presence or absence of children will influence what procedure you decide to undergo. That’s in no small part due to the changes that take place in the body while parenting (while this is true for both men and women, the effects tend to be considerably amplified for women).

Some of the signs of aging that might be exacerbated due to having children include:

  • The appearance of excess skin, especially around the belly area
  • Changing shape of the breasts, either increasing in size or decreasing in volume
  • The stress of parenthood can certainly cause the premature development of lines and wrinkles in the face
  • The muscles around the abdomen can become considerably less structured
  • Having children can often change the way your body metabolises fat

In other words, having children changes your body in significant ways. It’s why procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and even Botox is incredibly popular with mothers (and, in varied forms, fathers). So, ultimately, it’s safe to say that having children will almost certainly influence where you tend to show signs of aging and, thus, where you elect to target your plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Considering Plastic Surgery When You Have Children

There are two major ways in which having children might have an impact on your plastic surgery. The first is planning your recovery. The second is in knowing when to undergo your procedure.

Planning Your Recovery

Depending on the extent of your plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, you might be laid up for a bit. Something like a breast augmentation or lift could see your immediate recovery lasting up to a week or two. Tummy tuck recovery can limit your activities for even longer. So being able to plan for your recovery is essential, especially if you’re usually the one cooking dinners and shuttling children to school and activities.

Because during those few weeks, your recovery will be paramount. Recovery is designed to safeguard both your health and your results. (Although, as a side note, this is why minimally invasive procedures such as Botox are exceptionally popular with parents–they can get right back to their daily activities.)

Planning Your Procedure’s Timing

The second way that plastic surgery is a little more complex for parents is in the timing. For example, if you undergo a tummy tuck or a breast lift and then have another child, it’s likely that your results will be forfeit. And most patients put to much time and energy and, well, money, into their results for that.

At the same time, even if you are finished having children in a planned way, life can be unpredictable and you can find yourself with another child on the way. But most patients don’t want to wait too long before they opt to undergo his or her procedure. They still want time to enjoy their results before old age sets in.

So finding the right balance between these two imperatives can be challenging. But it’s certainly not impossible, and there are thousands of parents who successfully do so every single year. Undergoing plastic surgery when you have children can be challenging, yes, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. Indeed, parents are among the group of patients most likely to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery. So if you want plastic surgery when you have children, your best bet is to talk to a highly qualified plastic surgeon today.

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