Summary: Plastic Surgery is everywhere these days. Let’s take a step back in order to really understand this amazing service and those who provide it.

Plastic Surgery Overview

Plastic Surgery is many things. Some see it as superficial; others see it as an amazing means to an end. A way to get a smooth, younger looking face, or a way to recover from lifelong self-hatred towards a specific body part. Plastic Surgery can be simply cosmetic, or amazingly reconstructive. Plastic Surgery can add what’s always been missing, or remove what shouldn’t be there to begin with. There are many complex feelings that people have surrounding Plastic Surgery, but one thing is for certain: it’s not going anywhere soon.

The Surgeons Themselves

One good thing about Plastic Surgery becoming such a big industry is that along with it comes a continuous crop of new and incredible plastic surgeons, for example: Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Polsen, and a number of others who we continually spotlight and feature here at Modern Plastic Surgeon. Plastic surgeons have the ability to give you the look you’ve always dreamed of, and they can also restore you and give you hope. Plastic surgeons spend many, many years mastering their craft, and no matter where you live you can find someone certified to give you the makeover you need.

The Procedures

There are a number of popular procedures, ranging from cosmetic to rehabilitative, surgical to non-invasive. Below is a list of some of the most popular procedures today, in order of popularity:

  1. Liposuction (a cosmetic procedure that allows your surgeon to contour your curves and reduce your stubborn fat.)
  2. Rhinoplasty (plastic surgery of the nose that has cosmetic benefits as well as added health and sleep benefits.)
  3. Breast Augmentation (the use of implants to increase the bust line or restore your look after a mastectomy.)
  4. Eyelid Surgery: (one of the best procedures out there for combating the signs of aging)
  5. Tummy Tuck: (surgery to flatten the stomach area or help you to look leaner after massive weight loss.)

Making the Choice

As we always tell our readers, the decision to undergo Plastic Surgery is a personal choice. It is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion on and isn’t afraid to share it… but at the end of the day your body is yours and what you do with it is in your hands. If you are interested in learning more about Plastic Surgery and amazing plastic surgeons, continue to read this (and related) blogs.

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