Can You Get Plastic Surgery House Calls?

So are you ready to have plastic surgery available in your home all the time? Imagine sitting down to watch TV and you get the plastic surgery channel! That’s a great thing, right? Well, sure. It’s pretty good. But sometimes I wonder what the next big disruption for plastic surgery will be—where the next big innovation is going to come from. What’s the next big plastic surgery app going to be?

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We love plastic surgery around here. How could we not? We write about it all the time! But are you ready to have plastic surgery available in your home? Even we think that might be a bit too far—but we’ve still got to learn more.

Plastic Surgery Available in Your Home Via Apps

We’ll be honest, when we first saw these headlines, we were under the impression that we might be reaching the day when procedures were performed in one’s own house. Now, that’s a bad idea for a whole host of reasons, so we were somewhat dubious. Then again, think about how convenient that would be.

But apparently, the Plastic Surgery Network is creating an Apple TV app that will allow users to peruse all kinds of plastic surgery content from their television. It would be fair to say we were a bit disappointed. In this sense, plastic surgery is already in the home every time you turn on the computer.

The Best Plastic Surgery Apps

Having plastic surgery available in your home is an excellent idea, especially when we’re talking about information. The problem with the Plastic Surgery Network app is that such information is already incredibly easy to obtain:

  • YouTube offers videos of procedures and interviews with surgeons; there are so many videos on YouTube that you could spend days learning about each individual procedure.
  • Medical website and plastic surgery news blogs (such as yours truly here) offer up to the minute news and information. In other words, if there’s any innovation in the plastic surgery field, we’re usually on top of it. And if we aren’t, there’s another website that is.
  • Getting in touch with surgeons can be accomplished through quick Google searches. It’s not as though finding the right surgeon is always easy—in many cases, it takes time. But Google offers easy access to all of that information.

So, in some ways, this Plastic Surgery Network is making things easier by putting it all in one place. But that’s not the cutting edge app I was expecting.

Cutting Edge Apps

In fact, I’m much more interested in some other plastic surgery apps. There are two in particular that I think are worth discussing. First, there’s the app that allows you to get a virtual consultation. So, rather than going in and meeting with a surgeon in person, you can consult over your phone or computer. Sure, it’s not all that different from Skype or Facetime, but the way you can get competing consultations done quickly is pretty cool.

There are also apps that allow you to visualize what you’re going to look like once the procedure is complete. These apps allow you to see what you’d look like after a breast augmentation or a facelift. Sure, they’re just using filters and such—but the technology can be pushed further.

The Future of House Calls

I’m much more interested in apps that make the consultation process or the visualization process easier and more intuitive. And Plastic Surgery Network has to be given some credit for finding new ways to get information to people. I’m not trying to take anything away from them.

I just wonder what the real next stage of disruption (that’s what they call innovation in tech circles) might be. And so I’m really wondering about apps that make house calls more doable.

To be sure, we’re probably never going to see a procedure such as a breast lift or tummy tuck performed in someone’s home. Procedures like those are incredibly complex, and they really do require a sterile, hospital-like setting (that’s why you see surgicenters and surgical suites popping up).

Cosmetic Surgery House Calls

But it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that you might be able to get Botox or Juvederm injections performed from the comfort of your own home. Who knows, maybe in the future, drones will arrive at your door and inject you right there!

Okay, okay, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. No one (as far as I know) is working on that kind of application. But it would be nice if getting cosmetic surgery was easier, especially if you live in a busy metropolitan area such as Los Angeles. Cosmetic surgery shouldn’t have to involve a three hour commute! Or, at least, it would be more popular if that were the case.

Preparing for Plastic Surgery in Your Living Room

It’s also important that plastic surgery fans know one thing: they can always turn plastic surgery off. I guess that’s the other nice part about having it all in your living room.

The future is coming whether we’re prepared for it or not. That means that yeah, you might need to prepare to have plastic surgery available in your home. Hopefully you’ll like that!

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