Summary: Cosmetic surgery is sometimes a controversial topic when it comes to procedures involving children, but armed with the right questions you will rest assured knowing that otoplasty/ear surgery has great benefits for your son or daughter!

The Big Boom

Cosmetic surgery on children and teens is a booming part of the industry. Whether it be for cosmetic reasons or for health benefits, more and more parents are electing to allow their kids to go under the knife. Otoplasty, a general term for any cosmetic procedure done to the ear, has become extremely common because of its incredible results. The ears are a unique area that can have a lot of deformities- but these imperfections are not ones that kids need to live with their whole life if you seek out cosmetic surgery early.

Armed with the Right Questions

Ears are sensitive areas that need to be handled with ease and care. The number one most important factor of an otoplasty procedure on a child is having a top notch surgeon. There are questions that everyone should ask their doctor before undergoing a cosmetic alteration. These questions become even more imperative when the patient is a child.

  • What is the success rate of this procedure?
  • How long/difficult will the recovery be?
  • What are the risks associated with this surgery?
  • What forms of anesthesia, if any, are most commonly used?
  • What is the ideal age for a candidate of this procedure?

After asking these questions you should feel confident enough to make a decision on which surgeon is best suited for your child’s otoplasty surgery. It is still very important to look at a doctor’s credentials and past procedures before going ahead with any arrangements.

Go Under, Wake Up With Perfect Results

Imperfections to the aesthetics of the ear are complex, but if it fairly easy for doctors to correct them. Whether your child suffers from shell ear- an abnormality where the typical folds and definition of the ear are missing- or the ears just need to be pinned back- on children and teens doctor’s will often suggest surgery including a general anesthesia. Kids have a tendency to be uncomfortable in medical settings and any movement or reaction may negatively affect the results of their procedure.

Weighing the Facts

Because of the general anesthesia needed for the otoplasty surgery, there are some risks you need to consider. The lifelong negative effects of an ear deformity on a child, however, can be even more painful. As with any Chicago cosmetic surgery procedure, the pros and cons need to be weighed. If you’ve found a fantastic doctor you will find more often than not the good outweighs the bad with otoplasty.

Do It for Your Child

Plastic surgery and children can be a controversial mix. As a parent who’s armed with all the right questions and the latest facts and statistics you can be sure you are making the best decision for your child. Deformities of the ear can be devastating in this age of bullying and otoplasty cosmetic procedures can correct these issues before the patient reaches adulthood. Consider all of your options and speak with your doctor today. The best bet for your child’s future is more than likely an otoplasty surgery!

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