Why do so many patients want Meghan Markle's nose?

There’s no denying that patients want Meghan Markle’s nose. But is this a good development or a worrying one? Celebrities have long inspired various plastic surgery procedures, and news stories about that go back nearly as far as the field of plastic surgery itself. So let’s think about this Meghan Markle nose-inspiration in that context and discuss how it might actually be useful for patients to want Meghan Markle’s nose.

Meghan Markle is incredibly famous these days. And that’s to expected, as she’s the newest addition to Britain’s royal family (at least, the immediate royal family–I don’t really know how the extended family works, so if someone wants to clue me in down in the comments, that could be good). But what’s interesting, from our perspective, is that suddenly patients want Meghan Markle’s nose.

Why Do So Many Patients Want Meghan Markle’s Nose?

To be more specific, they point to Markle’s nose as a model when discussing their own rhinoplasty procedures. That can be useful, especially for surgeons and patients who are trying to work out precisely what the final results of a nose job should look like.

But what about the downsides? Certainly there have to be downsides to this kind of celebrity worship, don’t there? Well, yes and no. First, it depends on whether the patient’s motivation is truly a kind of celebrity “worship.” In our experience, that kind of motivation is exceptionally rare. In most cases, patients are using a well-known nose as a model, a guide, to articulate exactly what they want to get out of their own rhinoplasty procedures. It’s not so much that patients want Meghan Markle’s nose–it’s more that they want their own nose that looks the same way. Whether that’s possible, and whether that’s the right move, is a good discussion to have with your plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

What Does a Nose Job Do?

The first step in thinking about why Meghan Markle’s nose is so popular is might actually be to take a step back for a minute. Let’s think about what a nose job actually does. Rhinoplasty surgery itself is quite versatile, meaning there are going to be lots of ways patients can benefit from the procedure.

In general, rhinoplasty is used to:

  • Change the overall size and shape of the nose
  • Correct specific issues in the nose (such as a bump in the bridge or a drooping tip)
  • Alter the proportions of the nose (making the nostrils larger or smaller, for example)
  • Decrease the overall size of the nose
  • Change the shape of the bridge of the nose
  • Transform the orientation of the nose
  • Correct issues created by a broken nose or traumatized nose

As you can see, when I say that rhinoplasty procedures are versatile, I’m not really making it up. There are plenty of ways in which surgeons can really alter and change your nose. The question is usually whether these changes should be made. And that “should we” decision usually revolves around how changes in the nose will impact the rest of the face.

Why the Nose Matters

Let’s put it this way: Meghan Markle might have a perfect nose\. It might be at the ideal angle with the perfect slope and everything. And it might look awful on your face. That’s because the nose interacts with almost every other aspect of your face, changing the way that your eyes look, your mouth looks, your ears look, and so on.

So if your nose isn’t perfectly calibrated to your face, you can run into problems with the aesthetic balance of the results. That’s why plastic surgeons will spend a lot of time evaluating your nose and how you want to change your nose.

Using Meghan Markle as a model isn’t a bad idea. She has a great nose! But rhinoplasty is about more than a simple copy and paste. It’s about seeing what will work with your face and what will address the issues that you have. It’s entirely possible that Meghan Markle’s nose on your face would only exacerbate the discomfort you’re feeling.

It’s All About the Right Nose For You

Celebrities will sometimes have amazing noses. And it’s perfectly okay for patients to hold up those noses as, well, role models (nose models?) during a consultation. It’s good to have that kind of model to examine and discuss. But it’s also important to recognize that some changes might need to be made to that model in order to ensure you’re getting the very best nose for your face.

If you’re thinking about undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, you should talk about all of your concerns and aspirations during your consultation with your plastic surgeon. That goes for the patients who want Meghan Markle’s nose and those who don’t.


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About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been involved in plastic surgery marketing for nearly two decades. He’s been writing about celebrities and plastic surgery for almost just as long.

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