Summary: Middle Eastern noses pose their own set of challenges when it comes to correction and rhinoplasty, but this is no cause for worry. If you are afraid your ethnicity means you’re stuck with the face you were born with, read on, because that is simply not the case!


Faces From Around the World

Cosmetic surgery is a worldwide practice. Both men and women from a number of different countries undergo plastic surgery in staggering numbers every year. Rhinoplasty is the number one procedure in America, and is gaining popularity across the globe. Nose surgery to correct breathing issues, or improve upon your profile and appearance, is extremely common and if it is something you’re interested in now is the time to do it! Different ethnicities come with different sets of rules, and Middle Eastern faces can sometimes be a challenge to operate on. However, amazing things are possible in the hands of a specialized board certified cosmetic surgeon.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty 101

Ethnic rhinoplasty” is a term used to refer to any nose procedure performed on someone of non-Caucasian decent. Oftentimes these noses come with their own set of challenges, and it is an important factor of ethnic rhinoplasty to maintain the culture nuances of the nose while still improving the appearance to the patient’s satisfaction.

Your Beautiful Middle-Eastern Face

Middle Eastern men and women have their own set of characteristics when it comes to their noses. Heavy, thick skin and weak cartilage support are often times the complaints patients have when it comes to their ethnic looking nose. Wider, larger noses or prominently arching noses can be a challenge to repair correctly, but a specialist can absolutely give you the look that you want. Things you will want to discuss with your doctor about your Middle Eastern nose include:

  • Balance: One of the most common mistakes made in Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is removing too much cartilage, leaving the nose too small. A nose that is reduced to too small of a size will show scarring even clearer and will likely not provide satisfactory post-operation results.
  • Structural Support: Even though your nose may appear bigger than average, many people of Middle Eastern decent actually have a nasal support deficiency. Making sure that your nose is properly examined is a critical aspect of your ethnic rhinoplasty.
  • Correction of the Nose Base: By starting the correction on the nose from the base and continuing upwards, many mistakes made during ethnic/Middle Eastern rhinoplasty could be avoided.

Specialists Are The Key

Not all rhinoplasty procedures are the same, because not all noses are the same. If your ethnicity has impacted the appearance of your nose in what you feel to be a negative way, discuss your concerns with a specialized cosmetic surgeon like the experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery in the Twin Cities area. The right plastic surgeon will know exactly how to give you the look you desire without completely erasing the signs of your heritage. Middle Eastern men and women have every right to a beautiful nose, and one can be achieved with the help of an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist!

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