Summary: The Internet has put millions of pieces of information at our fingertips, making it easier than ever to make an educated decision about virtually anything. The old standard of asking an expert still stands, though; you can ask strangers online about your symptoms all you like, but a doctor’s training and experience certainly delivers a better answer than a website. 


The same is true for breast augmentation. No matter how thorough your online research, you will learn the most and get the best answers from a board-certified plastic surgeon during an in-person breast augmentation consultation rather than from doing online research.

Come Prepared

While it can’t replace a consult, online research can have a place in the process of learning about breast augmentation. Focus your research on the basics: the broader points rather than the finer points. Knowing these things can help you create a list of questions to ask Dr. Meade during your consult.

You may want to learn about:

  • How breast augmentations are performed
  • Which doctors do breast augmentations
  • What types of breast implants are available and the advantages of each material
  • How breast implants are sized
  • How long recovery typically takes
  • How much breast augmentation can cost

Rely on Experiences

The Internet is also full of opinions. You may find it helpful to read or listen to stories and advice from women who have had breast augmentation. They may talk about how they attained their desired results, what size and type of breast implants they picked and the specifics of their procedure.

Keep in mind, though, that with each opinion, you are only getting one person’s very unique experience, which is limited by her own perspective and understanding of her procedure. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Meade has helped thousands of women enhance their figures and feel more confident, so his advice comes from a much more knowledgeable place.

Seek an Expert

Aside from suggesting sites, the Internet can only tell you about the things you ask a search engine. The Internet can’t ask you clarifying questions, discuss your anatomy, read your body language or hear the tone in your voice.

Dr. Meade can take your measurements, ask questions and notice if you seem uncomfortable, confused or concerned about an aspect of the procedure, then go back over those things to help you understand and feel comfortable.

Dr. Meade also provides a better sounding board than the Internet for information about any other trouble spots you may want to improve. He can recommend the most effective treatment and offer expert advice, including discussing the benefits of combining procedures for a comprehensive, revitalized look.

A Personalized Recommendation

One of the biggest things online research can’t provide is a custom recommendation. You can read dozens of articles and first-person accounts, collect dream look photos and make your own rice sizers to gauge which implant size may work well, but none of those things can replace Dr. Meade’s expert opinion on how to create the best outcome for you. Your natural breast tissue and shape must be taken into account when selecting the right breast implant for the best results.

Why a Consult Matters

Perhaps most importantly, online research may contain misinformation or biased opinions that could hamper your education and unduly influence your decision. Your consult with Dr. Meade will be based on facts and personalized information. Online research simply can’t beat years of training and experience performing breast augmentations on a variety of different women.