Can you see the results of a Non Surgical Nose Job?

Are non surgical nose job results noticeable at first? Do the results fade over time? And just how subtle are those results anyway? Those are all incredibly reasonable questions when it comes to non surgical nose jobs, which use filler injections to alter the size and shape of the nose. The procedure is notable for producing subtle results--but results you can see. We examine a little bit of that seeming contradiction.

Non surgical nose job results tend to be quite subtle. Surgical rhinoplasty, we know, can create enormous changes to the nose. But we always caution our readers about the non surgical version: it’s subtle. So what does that really mean? Are non surgical nose job results noticeable?

Are the Typical Results of a Non Surgical Nose Job Noticeable?

That all depends on how you define “noticeable.” And while that might sound like a wishy-washy response on my part, the truth is that most patients actually prefer that type of arrangement. Or, let me put it another way: many patients want results that are transformative but not noticeable.

How can you have one but not the other? In the case of Non Surgical Nose Job procedures, the answer typically relies on subtle change that make a big impact. Of course, that’s the marketing line, and that’s what we’re trying to deconstruct and examine in a little bit more detail today. How can a result be subtle and noticeable? Part of the answer connects with how well you tend to know your own face. So, are non surgical nose job results noticeable? Yes, but it depends on who you ask.

How Well Do You Know Your Own Face?

The human brain is wired to see faces. If you want proof, just look at a power outlet or the front of an automobile. You see a face, right? That’s because your brain loves faces. That makes sense from an evolutionary point of view, I suppose (though I’m slow to place too much emphasis on something like that, for a wide variety of reasons). The point is that our brains like face, it remembers intricate details.

And so when it comes to your own face–a face you probably see on a pretty regular basis–your pretty familiar with all the small details surrounding your nose. When non surgical nose job procedures make those subtle changes, then (correcting a dip or minimizing a bump), it might stand out to you.

But anyone else who looks at you won’t notice. They won’t notice that you’ve had work done or been to the cosmetic surgeon. Indeed, the nose might even draw less attention towards itself than it used to. And that quickly becomes the second reason why a non surgical nose job can be transformative without making bold and noticeable changes.

The Best Noses Are Ignored

Many non surgical nose job patients actually want their noses to draw significantly less attention to themselves. (That’s true for both surgical and non surgical rhinoplasty patients, incidentally.) Variations in the nose can often draw attention to themselves, especially if the nose is somehow out of proportion with the rest of the face.

That has something to do with the location of the nose. It’s kind of the tie that binds everything else together. And when the nose is out of whack, it can make patients feel rather self-conscious about how they might look.

When a rhinoplasty procedure–non surgical or otherwise–changes the nose, part of the overall goal is to help the nose blend in with the rest of the face. So when changes are made as part of a non surgical nose job procedure, those changes can actually help others notice the nose less than they otherwise might have. That’s because the nose is suddenly better at doing its job of blending in.

An Audience of One

So, your non surgical nose job might be so subtle that only you notice it. And even if it’s not, the procedure is simply going to help your nose blend in. If that’s the case, is a non surgical nose job even worth it? The vast majority of patients seem to think so. And the reason is pretty simple: the most important audience is you.

As with any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, the most important person to please is the patient. Sure, a change from non surgical rhinoplasty might not stand out. But it could make looking in the mirror a little more pleasing. And it could help you post those selfies a little more enthusiastically. Having that weight lifted is certainly worth it to many non surgical rhinoplasty patients.

The results from the procedure are generally temporary, lasting anywhere from six to twenty-four months depending on the fillers used. Your non surgical nose job results will be noticeable–at least to you–for the majority of those months, though they might start to fade towards the end. To find out more about what a non surgical nose job can do for you, contact your local cosmetic surgeon to schedule a confidential consultation.


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About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic surgery for almost four years, and he’s been immersed in the cosmetic surgery field in that time. He’s constantly talking to surgeons in order to stay up to date on the latest innovations in the field.

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  1. Hmm, I’ve been considering having a nose job for a long time now, but I always had the fear that something might go wrong and I’ll end up with problems. But thanks a lot for all the information in this article, it helped me to make up my mind about the surgery 🙂


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