Summary: The number of men who are getting facelifts in Chicago is on the rise. There are many factors that contribute to this, but the results are very simple: men are looking younger, sexier, and more in control than ever before.

At The Top

Facelift procedures are very common in the world of cosmetic surgery. They have been popular with women for years who want to look and feel younger and more refreshed. One of the latest trends, however, is men getting on board and saying “we want it, too!” More and more men are discussing facial cosmetic procedures with their doctors and a record number of them are going under the knife. There are so many reasons that men are wanting to cash in on this amazing procedure. Wanting to stay ahead at work, trying to maintain the look they feel most comfortable with, getting back into the dating world… these are just a few of the reasons men flocking to their surgeons for a facelift.

Just the Simple Facts

Looking younger, more awake, and more rejuvenated can have some amazing effects on both your professional and personal life. Many men are saying that they want to stay “relevant” in the business world, and hope to accomplish this through a facelift. A facelift procedure can be easily explained in just a few easy


Step One: Incisions will be made along the hairline and/or behind the ears and under the chin. These incisions are very discrete and are often unseen after surgery. These cuts will allow the skin of the face to be lifted.

Step Two: After the skin has been lifted, doctors begin the real task of tightening your muscles, performing liposuction on your jowls, whatever is necessary to achieve the results you desire. Your Chicago plastic surgeon will discuss all of your options before surgery so that your final look is the one you’ve been hoping for.

Step Three: The changes have been made and your incisions are closed up. This is when the healing process begins. Bandages will be put in place to reduce your risk of infection. Your doctor will monitor your recovery and make sure everything goes along smoothly.

The more you know about your surgery before, the more comfortable you will be after. This discussion will also help you to find the doctor that is best qualified to give you amazing results.

Men at Work

From the boardroom to the bedroom, men want to look good. They want to appear younger, sexier, more in control, more confident, more capable, and more relevant. Thousands of men everywhere are starting to understand that this can be achieved with a facelift. Cosmetic surgery has a stigma surrounding it that it’s only for women. Not in 2012, it’s not! Guys are taking charge and with the help of their doctor they are moving ahead and breaking the stereotype. It’s a cut throat world out there with the economy being as it is. To stay on top of the game, some work needs to be done.

Write Your Own Story

Whether you’re a man who is considering a facelift, or a woman who knows of a guy that is in need of a little life-altering boost, considering a facelift could be the smartest decision you make. The trends show and more men are going under the knife than ever before. The stigma is disappearing, and the story of cosmetic surgery is being rewritten by men everywhere who want to look and feel like a million bucks.

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