Summary: Cosmetic surgeons are constantly operating on patients who were sent to them by referral. If you loved your plastic surgery experience, it may be a benefit to everyone for you to speak up!

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I Love My Body and You Should Love Yours, Too

If you have recently undergone an amazing transformation thanks to plastic surgery, it may be the responsible choice for you to tell your experience to others. Our friends ask us about everything: which lipstick to choose, what shirt goes with which pants, but sometimes they are more embarrassed to ask which cosmetic surgeon gave us our amazing results. If you have a friend who is considering undergoing a procedure or two, and you have a success story of your own, the nice thing to do may be to open up to your friend in order for them to have their own amazing experience, also.

Doctor, Doctor

It could be argued that the single most important part of the cosmetic surgery process happens before you ever even enter an operating room. Selecting the right board certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure may be the determining factor of the success of your post-op results. If you have had a great experience with your plastic surgeon, don’t be afraid to pass his or her name along to others. Some women aren’t as ready for this process as you may have been, and it’s possible that your friends have a lot of their own questions when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Anything you can do to help is a positive at this point, and giving them the name of a kind, understanding surgeon who produces knock-out results may be the best advice you’ve ever given.

Reality TV in Actual Reality

Doctors who are featured on television always see an increase in their clientele after an episode airs. If you hear the name of a celebrity’s cosmetic surgeon after seeing their results, you are likely to research that physician and see if visiting them is reasonable for your budget and travel limitations. Not all of us live in Hollywood, however, and many of us want to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to procedures. If your surgery was performed locally and didn’t break the bank (even though your results were stunning) it’s your responsibility to share that information with curious parties. Consider yourself a reality show of your own. Every time you sing his praises, your surgeons stock goes up!

You’re the Expert

Questions most women have when it comes to cosmetic surgery include the following:

  • Who is a wonderful surgeon in my area who performs my desired procedure?
  • How much does my desired procedure cost?
  • What are the risks of my desired procedure?
  • What can I expect after my desired procedure?

If you are an expert when it comes to answering the above questions, tell your entire friend’s list immediately! We spend so much time gossiping anyway, why not put our chatter to good use and share our amazing cosmetic surgery experience with others? It may be the answer to your more reserved friend achieving the look of their dreams.

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