Summary: When women think about getting the best breast augmentation results, they often fixate on a certain cup size as their ultimate goal. However, patients who focus on looking their best overall instead may achieve a better outcome in the end. Here’s a closer look at why.



Understanding Breast Implants

First of all, cup size is not an objective measurement. One woman might be a large A cup in one bra, a B cup in another, and a small C cup in a third bra. That’s why plastic surgeons measure breast size in terms of cubic centimeters of volume rather than cup size.

However, even volume is not the best way to conceptualize your breast implant results, because variances in breast implant profiles also need to be taken into account. For instance, a high profile implant has a small implant base and a more significant degree of projection from the chest wall. A low profile implant, on the other hand, may have same amount of volume but spreads it throughout a wider implant base, making for less projection.

Natural Anatomy Matters

Even the same amount of volume in the same implant profile type will appear differently on different women. This is because natural anatomy plays an undeniable role in your breast augmentation results.

Breast augmentation is a chance for women to enhance their breasts, not to swap them out for new ones. Factors such as your chest width, your existing breast volume, your pectoral muscles, and the distance from your breasts to your neck can all play a role in creating your final look.

A Balanced Figure

Instead of worrying so much about final cup size, women considering breast augmentation should focus on achieving their best overall appearance. Your breast size should complement your figure in a way that appeals to you. Whether you desire a subtly augmented natural look or a dramatic, busty appearance, you should concentrate on how the various aspects of your breast implants, like profile, volume and implant type, can bring the best out in your figure and create the most balanced look.

For instance, if you have slim hips, you may desire a more modest implant size so as not to overwhelm your figure. On the other hand, if you have wider hips, you may opt for a larger, moderate or low profile implant to create the classic hourglass figure.

Position Matters

When it comes to breast appearance, it’s not only size that matters. Position matters just as much as size, and if your breasts seem to be falling with gravity, you may want to consider what a breast lift can do for you. A breast lift can enhance your breast augmentation results by raising your bust line for a more youthful appearance so that you get the most out of your new breast size.

How Your Surgeon Helps

Ultimately, a skilled breast enhancement surgeon can help you decide on the best implant choice for achieving your goal appearance. This includes taking factors like existing anatomy, implant profile and placement, and your personal goals all into consideration before making any final decisions. By thinking about your overall look rather than cup size, you and your surgeon can work together to determine the right approach to take to help you achieve the look you want.