Rhinoplasty, when properly performed should look very natural.  In addition, contrary to popular belief, breathing through the nose and congestion should improve significantly with rhinoplasty surgery.  Typically, people think of nasal surgery as reducing the dorsum or bridge of the nose.  This is not necessarily true.  Work is frequently done to define the tip of the nose, repair the symmetry, or refine the base of the nose.  Surgery can be performed to repair the nasal valve, or the opening to the nose, which can improve sleep, breathing, and exercise related nasal function.  If properly documented, medical insurance can be used to repair external nose related breathing disorders.  Of course, cosmetic nasal problems are never covered by medical insurance.  At times, a hybrid approach can be utilized, where cosmetic and functional problems are addressed.  Nasal septoplasty is an important component of nasal reconstruction and reshaping.  Many surgeons believe that the septal postion is the key to nasal structure.  The septum is also a key component to nasal breathing, tip position and definition, and the size of the nasal bridge.  Repair of the damaged nasal septum is a frequently performed part of rhinoplasty surgery here in Westport, CT.

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