The rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery has come as a result of more affordable procedures, more plastic surgeons per capita, and growing societal concern with looking young, fit, and healthy. But it’s also reflective of a new influx of male patients to the plastic surgery market.


While historically, cosmetic surgery has been dominated by female patients, men have always taken up a fraction of the clientele. Today, that fraction has increased as more men than ever before are turning to cosmetic surgery to meet their appearance goals.

The Acceptance of Male Cosmetic Surgery

While women alone once bore the brunt of the pressure to keep up appearances, advancing cultural norms now mean that men face similar pressure to look attractive. For men, eliminating wrinkles and sculpting a more masculine body can go a long way towards creating a movie-star appearance and helping men feel confident about their looks.

As an increasing number of men consider cosmetic procedures, the stigma surrounding plastic surgery is on the decline as well. In turn, this more casual attitude has led a larger number of male patients to think about booking an appointment with their cosmetic surgeon.

Gaining a Professional Edge

Economic fluctuations frequently result in growing job uncertainty and more competitive workplaces. Often, professional men who don’t get the position or promotion that they wanted can feel that they were passed up for a younger, fitter, or better-looking counterpart.

For many, cosmetic surgery has become a go-to strategy for looking their best in the workplace, which these men believe gives them an edge over their competition. Aging men in particular can feel pressure to look younger, as youthful individuals are often perceived as better candidates for long-term positions.

Finally, as a result of increasing competition in corporate jobs, many men feel that having better looks makes them stand out from other candidates. When multiple candidates apply for a single position and their experiences and backgrounds are more or less equal, a hiring committee may be more inclined to offer the position to the candidate who looks the most put-together, which often translates to being young, fit, well-dressed, and good-looking.

Growing Concerns with Health

Men and women alike have health goals that may be complemented by the assistance of cosmetic procedures. For instance, individuals on weight-loss programs may find that their transformation doesn’t look complete until a tummy tuck is able to eradicate excess, baggy skin.

Additionally, smoothing out stubborn bulges of fat around the love handles, thighs, abdomen, back, and upper arms can be nearly impossible through healthy living alone. For men on a mission to look their best personally and professionally, cosmetic surgery may be the only way to create a more streamlined figure that reflects the healthy lifestyle they’ve adopted.

Procedures for the Best Male Makeover

While women tend to focus on procedures for their bodies, men have a higher focus on facial cosmetic surgeries that can better define their masculine features. For instance, jaw augmentation, rhinoplasty and chin implants can all bring better balance to the male face. Middle-aged to older men may decide that eyelid surgery, facelifts, or BOTOX® can bring a more youthful look to the facial contours.

Those male patients concerned with their body shape frequently choose liposuction, male breast reduction, butt augmentation, and ab sculpting to enhance their masculine figure and boost their self esteem in both the workplace and social lives. For men, investing in appearances has become a professional decision as much as a personal one.