Measuring for Breast Augmentation

Being unhappy with your breast size and deciding that breast augmentation is the way forward is just the first step on your journey. As well as the decision to have breast implants, you and your board-certified plastic surgeon will need to work together to choose the specifics of your ideal implant.

It goes without saying that size and shape comes into it, but how do you actually pick a breast implant? Rather than relying on your gut feeling and the experience of your plastic surgeon, research has shown that taking your existing measurements into account can go a long way towards finding the perfect fit.

3 Ways to Pick a Breast Implant

There are currently three ways to pick a breast implant:

  • Combining your personal preferences with the suggestions of your board-certified plastic surgeon to decide on a suitable breast implant. No measurements are used.
  • Dimensional analysis systems, which use computer-based imaging and your measurements to help select a suitable breast implant.
  • Tissue-based planning, where natural breast tissue measurements are used to set accurate, specific limits for breast implant sizing.

Up until now, the majority of women and plastic surgeons have used one of the first two techniques to pick a breast implant. However, it’s been found that tissue-based planning, or TBP, tends to result in higher levels of satisfaction.

Using Tissue-Based Planning to Pick a Breast Implant

One major benefit of using a scientific method such as tissue-based planning to pick a breast implant is that it removes much of the emotion from the decision. You may have an idea of what you want to achieve, but your preferences may not match up with what will suit your body best. Identifying the range of implant sizes that will work well with your natural shape will help you pick a breast implant which complements what you’ve got.

Of course, tissue-based planning doesn’t mean that you get no say whatsoever about the breast implant which is used. It simply means that your breast augmentation is a more personally-tailored procedure.

Matching Personal Preference with Measurements

While the evidence relating to tissue-based planning is still a little limited due to the relatively recent development of the approach, it has shown that a middle-of-the-road type approach can also work very well. This means that the natural measurements and shape of the body are used along with personal preference to pick a breast implant. Bear in mind that, despite the scientific nature of TBP, your aesthetic wishes will, of course, still be taken in account when planning your breast augmentation.

How to Pick a Breast Implant

Regardless of which approach you’d like to take, you should start with a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. During this meeting, your plastic surgeon will explain the options available to you, such as projection and type of implant, as well as what to expect as you recover and how to actually pick a breast implant that will work for you.