Summary: Plastic surgery can correct a number of issues, but the best results come to those who are good candidates for the procedure. Breast lifts can change your life if you are a woman who would benefit from such a surgery.


Understanding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is serious business. We can get caught up in the aesthetics and thinking that it is just for fun, but in reality most cosmetic procedures are considered major surgery. Understanding whether or not you are a good candidate for your desired procedure is a critical part of insuring your safety and making sure you get the results you are dreaming of. For many women, a mastopexy (breast lift) can be a life changing experience. Knowledge is power when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Consult Milwaukee mastopexy surgeon Dr. Mark W. Bosbous to learn more about your this procedure and your next step towards a successful surgery.

Your Risks, Your Rewards

The best candidates for any surgery are those who are healthy. More specifically, the best candidates for a mastopexy have the following qualities:

  • Drooping or sagging breasts benefit the best from a breast lift. Whether you have lost volume or elasticity due to age, breast feeding, pregnancy, or significant weight loss, those who have drooping breasts will benefit the most from any type of “lift” procedure.
  • Healthy candidates are the best for any major surgery. Because most cosmetic surgery (including a majority of breast lifts) requires the patient to be put under general anesthesia, the safest surgeries are those performed on non-smokers who are within a reasonable weight range. The better health you are in, the better chance you have of recovering stress-free.
  • Having reasonable expectations for your surgery is a critical part of your surgery’s success. Many women who undergo a breast lift procedure are hoping for the world, but some results are more obvious than others. Depending on the severity of your drooping, the results of your lift may be more subtle than you expected. Mastopexy’s can leave you looking different, but keeping expectations reasonable will help eliminate the possibility of an underwhelming final result.

The Best Lift is a Breast Lift

Women who have seen their breasts go from perky to saggy are oftentimes desperate for the issue to be corrected. Board certified cosmetic surgeons can help you to achieve a lifted, youthful look through plastic surgery. Once you understand everything involved in the procedure and have agreed to the terms, a preliminary checkup will be performed to make sure that you are in the proper health to undergo major surgery. Your doctor will ask you many questions. Answering these questions as honestly as possible is the best chance you have at a safe and successful surgery.

Nothing to Lose By Lifting

Whether your breasts have sagged because of age or pregnancy, you deserve to have the body that you once did, or possibly even better! If you think that you are a healthy candidate for surgery and understand all of the above terms, talk to a board certified cosmetic surgeon today to see if a breast lift is the perfect surgery for you!

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