Summary: Negative news gets top billing. In an age where websites are engaged in a constant battle for page clicks and the 24-hour news cycle thrives off of constant content, the press can spin a rare event into a riveting story or a cautionary tale. In the case of breast augmentation, the news tends to focus on a single botched procedure or one celebrity’s hugely exaggerated implants, but seldom covers the many positive breast implant stories.

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While breast implants may get an inordinate amount of bad coverage, there are many positive aspects of breast augmentation that deserve attention. Breast implants can enhance self-image and provide a welcome boost in confidence. For many women, breast augmentation can bring balance to their figures for a more proportionate look. A woman’s breasts can change over the course of her life, and factors such as pregnancy, aging and weight fluctuations all can result in a loss of breast volume. Breast augmentation offers women at almost any stage in life an opportunity to enhance her curves so she can look and feel more feminine.

A Much-Needed Boost for Natural Assets

Some young women wait in vain for their breasts to fully develop, wondering if they’ll ever fill out their bra or achieve a more feminine look. Women with naturally small breasts or who are flat-chested may be embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearances. Breast implants can go a long way toward helping them to feel more confident about their bodies. This confidence often spills over into many other areas of a woman’s life, creating a ripple effect of positive changes.

Coping with Normal Breast Changes

Pregnancy and childbirth can be some of the most rewarding experiences of a woman’s life, but these milestones can also impact the breasts for the worst. It’s common for women to lose breast volume after pregnancy and nursing. Weight loss and aging can also affect the size and shape of breasts, causing a woman’s assets to appear deflated. Breast implants can restore the breasts to their pre-pregnancy size and shape for a perky and youthful profile.

A Better Sex Life with Breast Implants

Something that’s definitely worthy of more press is the fact that breast implants can improve your sex life. After breast augmentation, many women report enjoying a more satisfying sex life as well as having more sex. This is generally attributed to the fact that breast implants can increase self-confidence and enhance self-image, helping women feel sexy and sensual. This can contribute to better intimate relationships and a more fulfilling sex life.

A Fashionable Fix

After breast augmentation, many women notice that they’re able to fill out their clothes in a way they previously hadn’t been able to do, broadening their wardrobe options. Breast implants can round out the body’s proportions, resulting in dresses, tops and even swimwear with a more flattering fit.

A Natural Look

One of the many myths surrounding breast implants is that they look fake or over-sized, but it’s likely that you’ve seen a woman with breast implants without even noticing that she had them. Breast implants are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, ensuring that there’s a style to meet each woman’s unique appearance goals. A cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement procedures can help women get beautiful breast implant results. Instead of believing the misconceptions about breast augmentation, we can learn something from the ways in which breast implants can benefit a woman’s overall quality of life.