Summary: The forehead is one of the first spots to show age. With a brow lift you can shave years off your face and give you a radiant, youthful new look in no time!

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Low Brow is NOT Humorous

Low-brow comedy is hilarious, but a lowering of the brow area on your face is nothing to laugh about. Our brow area is one of the first places to show signs of aging, and can be the biggest “tell” of someone who is getting older. It’s as simple as this: as your skin ages, you lose collagen. This makes your skin lose its elasticity and “droop.” Wrinkles, frown lines, a saggy brow… no one wants all that! If you are experiencing these unfortunate signs of getting older, a brow lift may be just the cure.

No Two Brow Lifts are The Same

Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Berkowitz sees many patients every year who want a more youthful, glamorous look. The interesting thing is, all of the people will undergo something slightly different in order to get the results they wish for. There are several different techniques which may be used to reposition a heavy brow or fallen forehead, and this decision is always determined by the patients individual needs and concerns. Your board certified facial cosmetic surgeon will take the time to look over your face and create the best surgical plan of attack necessary. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that all brow lifts are the same!

Your Specialized Plan

Typically direct brow lifts are performed at the same time as other surgeries. This eliminates the need for extra incisions or scarring in the future, and gives an “overall” more rejuvenated look. Some of the different procedures you can pair with a brow lift include:

  • eyelid lift
  • facelift
  • injectable fillers
  • neck lift
  • and many more!

Creating a unique plan for your face will help you look younger than ever before. If you are stressing out about your sagging, wrinkling face and feel as if you look much older than you actually are, brow lifts are the best surgical option for correcting these nasty issues!

Talk to Your Doctor Today

A board certified cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you anything else you need to know about the brow lift process. Some patients might not need an extensive procedure, and may be sufficient with a surgery that only repositions the brow. Other patients who are hoping for more dramatic improvements to their upper face may also need to address deep forehead creases or excess hooding with the procedures listed above. Whatever your needs, plastic surgery can help. Your youthful, alert, rejuvenated face may only be a phone call away!

Featured Modern Plastic Surgeon: As always we refer our loyal readers to qualified plastic surgeons! If you’re interested in brow lift surgery we suggest consulting with Dr. Berkowitz at Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.