Summary: For years patients of cosmetic surgery have experienced amazing results. A recent study conducted by team of doctors has concluded that facial rejuvenation procedures have a concrete effect on the age that you appear to be, and they have the numbers to back it up.

The Study

There is exciting news for those wishing to look younger. A new study, done by the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery has produced some astonishing results. It turns out, cosmetic procedures to the face and neck really do make you look more refreshed and can take years off of your appearance. People all over the world seek out facelifts and other facial rejuvenation techniques every year in hopes of achieving a more youthful appearance, but for the first time, the results of these procedures are proven and this means good things for the future of your face.

The Amazing Results

In the above mentioned study, doctors set out to pin point exactly how many years people may expect to shed as a result of their cosmetic surgery. By asking medical students to rate a series of before and after photos, statistics concluded that an average of 6 to 8 years may be taken off your appearance depending on the extent of your surgery. For the first time ever, there is now concrete numbers to back up the well-known belief that plastic surgery can produce the youthful results you desire.

What this Means

The study, which included before and after photos of both men and women, found that people of both genders appeared 7.5 years younger in their after shot. The doctors who executed this study didn’t go into it looking for a new marketing ploy. Instead, these hard facts set the bar for what you can expect from your procedure. For some, these results may exceed expectations, while others who seek more dramatic changes may use these numbers when deciding which procedures to undergo.

Rejuvenation Procedures

To those who aware of the benefits of cosmetic surgery, it is no surprise that the study also concluded the more procedures that were performed, the younger the patient looked afterwards. Below is a list of some different techniques and how many years it appeared to shave off a person’s appearance following their


  • Traditional Facelift (w/ neck lift): 5.7 years
  • Facelift Combined with Eye-lid lift: additional 2 years
  • Facelift Combined with Forehead lift: 1 year
  • All four procedures combined: 8.4 years

While these numbers were an average, and were taken from pictures of both men and women, you can still get a pretty good idea of the results doctors are able to achieve. Your surgery will be individualized, and will have individualized results, but this study shows that you can be assured your final look will be what you’re hoping for.

Good News for Moving Forward

Now that there are solid statistics showing just how great the results of cosmetic surgery are, this means that there are even more facts in the hands of people deciding to go under the knife. You can create your plastic surgery plan with your doctor depending on your final expectations. Not everyone seeks out such dramatic results, and those people may now be able to avoid any surgeries that may make them appear to be overworked. On the flip side, those who are looking for a total overhaul may elect to combine procedures because of their amazing effects. Overall, the study done performed the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery educates patients of all types, and this is great news for you and anyone else who wishes to look younger.

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