Summary: As advancements to liposuction make the procedure easier, safer and faster than ever, more and more patients are undergoing this quick and easy surgery.


The Popularity of Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure where fat is removed from the body, oftentimes using a suction-like device. The surgery has always been popular, but as advancements are made to the medical technology, requests for the procedure are skyrocketing. There are a number of wonderful benefits to liposuction, and several innovations to the surgery that are making it faster and safer than ever.  If you suffer from fat pockets and excess weight that diet and exercise just cannot remove, maybe liposuction is the procedure for you!

All the Amazing Benefits

Liposuction at one point was considered a somewhat risky surgery. Large suction devices were invasive, and recovery times were long. Back in the day, general anesthesia was often required during the procedure, increasing the risks liposuction came along with. Today, however, is a new day. With the help of cannulas (microscopic tubes), tiny little cameras, sound waves, heat waves, and a number of other innovations, liposuction can now be performed with a local anesthetic and it can happen in a shorter amount of time than ever before.

Pros of Liposuction Today

The world of cosmetic surgery is seeing a lot of innovation and advancements are surgeons everywhere are trying and testing every theory they can in order to bring you the safest, most effective procedures available. Benefits of liposuction today include:

  • Faster recovery times
  • Reduced risk for infection
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • The ability for both subtle and dramatic results
  • The ability to remove stubborn fat that isn’t going away with any other method

People are loving that liposuction is becoming a faster procedure with reduced recovery times because often that is the most negative aspect of surgery. When you undergo a cosmetic procedure all that is on your mind is getting to your final results. Length of recovery can be a major factor in deciding to undergo a certain procedure, and plastic surgeons across the country are doing everything they can to make shorter downtimes a reality.

Consider CoolSculpting

New Non-Surgical procedures like CoolSculpting have been gaining a great deal of momentum all across the country. As seen at Accents Cosmetic Surgery, a Detroit Cosmetic Surgery Center, CoolSculpting provides prospective liposuction patients with a fantastic non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction procedures. Look forward to more articles on this innovative procedure.

An Innovative Practice

Much of the advancement in cosmetic surgery today is centered around the concept of making procedures “non-surgical.” This means that procedures aren’t requiring dangerous general anesthesia anymore, and the techniques used to achieve your results are much less invasive. As mentioned above, the development of “cannulas” is one advancement to liposuction making the procedure easier to perform, and easier to recover from. Microscopic technology helps reduce the invasiveness of liposuction, leaving you with faster results that are a breeze to recover from. Talking to a board certified plastic surgeon about the techniques used in his office will help you determine if he is the right doctor for you. Innovative techniques and new technologies are available in many offices today, and you want to make sure that your next liposuction procedure is the most advanced of its kind!