Liposuction: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

This is not your mother's liposuction. Today's options for body contouring offer more customization and better results than at any time before in history.

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure for both women and men, but many people don’t realize that it can often be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance the results and achieve a smoother, sleeker shape. Thanks to advances in medical technology, you have tons of options when it comes to your liposuction procedure, whether on its own or combined with another treatment.

As a result, there is a wide variety of liposuction benefits—from getting a slimmer body contour to adding natural-looking volume to your butt. If you’re already considering getting liposuction, you might want to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about also including one of these innovative techniques with your procedure to help you get the most out of your cosmetic surgery.


Many people are familiar with the general idea of traditional liposuction, in that it essentially removes fat cells from targeted areas of your body, leaving you with a slimmer look. However, this procedure can now go far beyond achieving just this one goal.

Through liposculpting, an experienced cosmetic surgeon can not only remove stubborn pockets of fat and undesirable bulges, but he or she can also subtly sculpt and contour your body to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing shape. One of the many benefits of liposculpting is that it can be completely customized to fit your needs.

For example, women often desire an hourglass shape to accentuate the natural curves of their bodies, whereas men typically want a straight waist. In either case, liposculpting can carefully smooth and sculpt pockets of fat in the targeted area in order to achieve the desired outcome.

360° Liposuction

Also called circumferential liposuction, 360° liposuction is a revolutionary technique that enables your cosmetic surgeon to take a more comprehensive approach to your procedure. 360° liposuction addresses multiple areas, which can include your full torso, abdomen, sides, waist and entire back to achieve a more balanced physique without requiring multiple surgeries.

Rather than only addressing a centralized location, 360° liposuction is able to remove stubborn pockets of fat that exist around your waist for more complete results.

Waist Contouring

Often, the best approach to helping women achieve the hourglass shape they’re looking for is to perform a specialized type of liposuction called waist contouring. By addressing the excess fat deposits in your waist, you can achieve a much curvier and more desirable contour without requiring an extensive procedure.

Many women may also choose to include a breast augmentation with this procedure to enhance their natural curves even further.


While a traditional liposuction procedure can very effectively remove unwanted fat cells from a targeted area, this method can’t address excess or loose skin. As a result, many people often consider combining a tummy tuck with liposuction in order to both remove excess fat and tighten and tone the existing skin and muscle tissue in their abdominal area.

Smartlipo™ offers an alternative, and also allows you to address skin laxity in other areas of your body. Smartlipo™ is an advanced technique that utilizes laser energy for two reasons. First, the heat from the laser is able to melt fat cells before they are removed, making the process easier and more streamlined, which could decrease your recovery time.

Secondly, the laser energy can stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in your skin, which can create a tightening and firming effect, as these proteins give your skin its youthful, supple structure.

Male Breast Reduction

Liposuction is certainly not just for women. There are a number of specific benefits of liposuction for men as well, including its use in male breast reduction.

Gynecomastia, or the abnormal enlargement of male breasts, is a medical condition that can leave many men feeling self-conscious and may lead to a negative body image. For some men, gynecomastia can interfere with their lives so much that they don’t feel comfortable taking their shirt off at the beach, or always wear loose-fitting clothing.

Through male breast reduction surgery, your cosmetic surgeon can first use liposculpting to remove excess fat in the chest area, while simultaneously sculpting a more masculine shape. Then, the breast gland can be removed to complete your results.

In some cases, Smartlipo™ can be combined with a male breast reduction procedure to help tighten and firm loose skin for a more toned and masculine physique.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Liposuction is also commonly combined with other procedures that require a process known as fat transfer. The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is one such procedure that actually includes two steps. First, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat deposits in another area of your body. Many people choose their waist, hips or thighs for this step.

Next, that fat is then sterilized and strategically injected into your buttocks to create a more voluminous shape that looks, feels and moves naturally because it is composed of your body’s own fat cells.

Thus, with the Brazilian butt lift, you get the added benefit of removing unwanted fat from one area while gaining a curvier shape where you want it.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Similarly to the BBL process, a fat transfer breast augmentation also involves a two-step technique, where liposuction is used to take fat from an area of your choice. That fat is then carefully injected into your chest area to give your breasts a boost of volume that looks and feels very natural, while also enhancing the overall shape and contours of your body.

Many women choose a fat transfer breast augmentation if they are looking for a subtle increase in breast volume and also wish to remove unwanted fat from another area of their body. One benefit of this method of breast enhancement is that because the fat is injected, no incisions are necessary and thus, no scarring should appear.

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