Summary: One of the most common non-surgical cosmetic augmentations that plastic surgery patients seek is something called lip augmentation. In this procedure, the lips are made to look bigger and plumper, usually in one of two ways. The first way is something called a fat graft, in which fat from your own body is used to give the lips their bigger look. The second way is by using an injectable filler, which will temporarily give the lips their fuller look. But the reasons why we want lip injections in the first place are quite interesting, and the reasons why “full” lips are considered to be attractive are equally interesting. In order to understand whether you really want a lip augmentation, you should know understand why “full” lips are considered to be attractive, and what that has to do with body image.

why lip injections

Bigger Lips are Getting Popular

So, big lips have been on the upswing for a while. You can see the impact that celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have had on the social and cultural conceptions of “beauty.” One of the more modern aspect to that current conception is thick, full lips. (This has also lead to an unfortunate rise in a certain style of selfie known as “Duck face”—unfortunately, duck face does not capture this component of beauty, and is usually seen more like a kind of self parody. In other words, avoid duck face.) However, the overall point here is that big, full lips are considered sexy, and that probably isn’t going away any time soon. Unfortunately, if you weren’t born with thick, full lips, there are few ways to attain this ideal—and diet and exercise certainly aren’t going to help you out.

This helps explain the rise in lip augmentation procedures. There are two basic ways these procedures are performed. Perhaps the most common is through the injection of a dermal filler. While these fillers were initially designed to add volume to the face in order to diminish wrinkles, there are certainly some great options for bigger lips. Restylane Silk, however, is an injectable filler created specifically for this purpose. It’s designed to be smoother and look more natural than other options. The dermal filler you choose will largely be determined by your desired results, in coordination with your plastic surgeon. However, it’s important that you not overfill your lips, as this can create a look that is out of proportion and draws too much attention to the work you’ve had done.

The second way that you can get bigger lips is by a procedure called a fat graft. In this case, fatty tissue donated from somewhere on your body where you’d prefer it not be. Most common is around the belly. It usually requires some form of minimally invasive liposuction in order to get enough of this fat, which is then purified in a centrifuge. Once the fat is purified, it is then injected into the lips. This tends to look the most natural of any of the options and it also tends to last the longest.

Why Big Lips?

The science behind the big lips is interesting. Essentially, large, red lips are considered attractive because they’re a sign of arousal. When a human being is aroused (man or woman), blood starts pumping to some key areas, including those down below, but also including the lips. The extra blood increases sensitivity (hence, kissing) and also makes the affected area appear larger and redder. Now, this doesn’t mean that anytime a man or woman puts on lipstick it’s because he or she is seeking out a sexual encounter. Far from it. But it does help explain why this particular trait has become ingrained in our culture as “attractive.” (And that, I should point out, is what people wearing lipstick are aiming at—not anything else, only attractiveness or self-confidence).

Of course, most people don’t think about this when they’re putting on lipstick of when they’re seeking out a lip augmentation procedure. They just want to look good, feel good about themselves, feel confident in their own skin, and so on. But knowing this does provide a little bit of context into why lip augmentation is a big thing, no pun intended.

Find a Lip Augmentation Expert

According to the website of the Minneapolis lip augmentation experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, lip augmentation procedures can be really tricky. You want to make the lips look bigger, of course, but you don’t want to overfill the lips. This requires a trained hand and an experienced eye. Because if the lips become overly filled, the results can look more comical than sexy. You need to find a good plastic surgeon who will not only know when this point is reached, but also push back against patients who have unrealistic expectations—and ensure that everybody gets excellent results.

So if you’re looking for bigger, fuller lips—if you want that currently sexy and gorgeous look without much in the way of pain or recovery, consider a lip augmentation injection. And if you’re really interested in a lip augmentation, you should contact your plastic surgeon today. It’s not a procedure that has to take a lot of time, and you can be enjoying your results and your transformation before you know it. Contact your plastic surgeon today to get started.