Summary: The popularity of tattoos is on the rise, and so is the commonality of laser tattoo removal treatments. These procedures can reduce the appearance of permanent ink tattoos. There is hope; you just need to understand your options.

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Laser tattoo removal is gaining momentum because of the popularity of tattoos rising every year. More and more people are beginning to regret the ink work that they had done in years past and are seeking out ways to make them disappear. Famous celebrities like Nikki Reed and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the many people who regret some of their ink, and if you’re one of them too, laser removal procedures may be worth researching. You don’t have to regret your choices anymore- with the help of laser technology, “permanent tattoos” will no longer haunt you for life.

The Removal Process

Tattoos work by injecting thousands of pigment particles into the skin. These particles cannot be removed by the skins natural processes because they are too big. By heating up the ink with laser treatments, the pigments are broken down, allowing for your skins natural shedding process to remove them. It seems pretty simple, and it is. While the procedure will be expensive and more than likely hurt more than the original tattoo, for those who regret their tattoos the process is definitely worth it. This procedure has become wildly popular in recent years for a reason!

What To Prepare For

With each being scheduled 8 weeks apart, a typical removal process will require several treatments. This difficult and uncomfortable procedure can be expensive, but your final results will make you feel fantastic. Erasing the mistakes of your bad tattoo will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Factors that may affect your removal process could include:

  • Tattoo location
  • Tattoo coloring
  • Tattoo layering
  • Skin type
  • Skin tone
  • Scarring or tissue change
  • Other factors…

Lots of different things will have an effect on your laser tattoo removal process. Specialists in your area will work with you to determine how many procedures you will need to undergo to reduce the signs of your tattoo. If you have a bad tattoo, chances are you are willing to do anything it takes to have it removed, so research the facilities in your area and make sure that you are making informed decisions about your procedure. Letting your emotions guide you will lead to more regrettable choices!

Rewriting Your Past

All of us make decisions that we sometimes end up regretting. What seemed like a great idea at one point in your life may now be something you wish you had never done. Anything can be erased and undone; you just need to understand your options. Laser tattoo removal gives you hope, and though your procedures may be difficult and expensive, your beautifully fresh start will be completely worth it! Look into removal specialists in your area and start discussing your treatments today!

If you’re from Wisconsin we suggest finding a board certified plastic surgeon in Milwaukee before moving forward with tattoo removal.

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