Summary: Lasers are being used in a number of cosmetic procedures these days because of their precision and accuracy. If you are suffering from wrinkles and sagging, a fractional CO2 laser process may be able to give you a beautiful, smooth look.

It’s NOT as Complex as it Sounds

When you hear about a “fractional co2 laser” used for resurfacing, you probably worry that this is a complicated procedure. Luckily for you, it isn’t. Lasers are the most advanced way to perform a number of cosmetic alterations these days, and reversing the appearance of sagging, wrinkled skin because of aging or sun exposure is no different. If you have bad genetics or you simple haven’t taken good care of your skin, a laser resurfacing technique may be able to break down those negative effects with minimal risk and a fast recovery time.

Fresh Faces are Happy Faces

Lasers are always being used to smooth out skin and give a vibrant glow. Fractional CO2 lasers are no different, in fact, they are even better. A highly precise laser beam is used to penetrate straight through the epidermis and into the dermis, heating and vaporizing the skins tissue. Because only some of the skin is affected by the laser, the healing process is faster than that of a more invasive procedure. Your skin will begin to regenerate cells due to the stimulation, and what you will be left with is younger looking skin.

It’s a Fact

There is some complicated science behind fractional CO2 lasers, but the results that they leave behind are very simple: young, tight looking skin. For those who suffer from severe cases of sagging and wrinkles, this laser resurfacing technique may be combined with injectables/fillers or a more traditional facelift. Laser technology is advanced and a lot safer than going under the knife; many surgeons try to embrace the resurfacing technique as the best way to smooth out your skin.

  • Follow These Rules to a T
  • Great skin isn’t completely out of your hands. Below is a list of tips that you must keep in mind before and after your resurfacing procedure:
  • Avoiding all tobacco products promotes healthy skin
  • Limiting sun exposure reduces your likelihood of wrinkling
  • Monitoring your skin for changes will make you aware of your current situation
  • Lotions and creams that promote anti-aging will help you maintain a tight appearance
  • Sun screen is critical for healthy skin, especially for those people who spend a lot of time catching rays

By following the above criteria, your skin will likely not age quite as fast as some other people may experience. After your resurfacing procedure it will be especially important that you do your part to help maintain your healthy new glow.

Lasers of the Future

Cosmetic surgeons everywhere are embracing the use of laser technology when it comes to a number of procedures. They allow for a minimally invasive surgery process and can be used in very refined, specific alteration processes. If you want a vibrant, fresh look without a lot of down time, fractional CO2 laser resurfacing may be for you! Ask your doctor today about the incredible advancements that are being made in the area of lasers, and how these recent developments could impact your face! You have nothing to lose but wrinkles.

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