Summary: Changing your nose is not something to take lightly, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get in the news. Celebrities are often “accused” of having a rhinoplasty procedure performed. But the truth is that there’s a lot of things that can change the nose, including rhinoplasty but certainly not limited to it. In fact, changing the nose is pretty much easier than ever.

did khloe kardashian get a nose job?

So Did Khloe Kardashian Get a Nose Job or Not?

Among those who are quite consistently in the news are the Kardashians. They’ve had their own reality television show for ages, and have moved into a kind of cultural force beyond that—for good or ill. And the Kardashians are consistently rumored to have gotten plastic surgery: did Kim Kardashian get a Butt Augmentation? Did Khloe Kardashian get a nose job? The questions mount whether the Kardashians are upfront about things or not. Take, for instance, Khloe’s recent assertion that she has not gotten a nose job; while likely true, her statement has been treated as a kind of counter-“confession.” And rumors will persist.

Khloe Kardashian says, instead, that she recently lost weight, and as she lost weight, her nose grew smaller. This seems completely reasonable (especially when you consider what the cheeks do to the appearance of the nose; bigger looking cheeks means a smaller looking nose and vice versa). In other words, there are a lot of variable in play with the face, especially since Kardashian is also a fan of a makeup technique called “contouring”—where lines and shadows are created with the aid of makeup in order to drastically change the appearance of the face.

What Can Change the Shape of the Nose?

We tend to think of the human body as a pretty stable thing, but there are actually quite a few things that can alter appearances—nose included. For example, as you gain or lose weight, it’s not just your belly that changes shape. Your face can take on fat or lose fat, depending on your activities. And that can change the composition of your face. In fact, let’s make it a bit easier. Let’s just make a list. The appearance of the your nose can be impacted by the following:

  • Changes in weight
  • Changes in skin color or radiance—essentially, if your skin changes complexion, your nose may look different
  • Trauma to the nose, such as a broken nose
  • Infections—such as a sinus infection
  • The position of hair or facial hair
  • Anything that causes the nose to swell
  • Makeup

Of course, from that list, makeup may be one of the most powerful. Makeup can really change the appearance of pretty much anything, and the nose is no different. After all, isn’t that why makeup exists in the first place?

When Should You Change the Shape of Your Nose?

With everything that can change the appearance of the nose, it might be worth discussing when you should actually change the shape of your nose. In some instances, a surgeon may recommend when you should alter your nose. For example, if you have trouble breathing or if you have suffered through a nose trauma, it might be a good idea to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty procedure. This procedure will often take several months to full recover from, but rhinoplasty is an incredibly popular procedure (that’s one of the reasons why Khloe Kardashian was rumored to have undergone one such procedure).

However, it’s worth noting that rhinoplasty is not the only game in town. If you want to change your nose, you can always undergo what’s called a non surgical nose job, which uses fillers to alter the size and shape of your nose. This is true even if you’ve already undergone a surgical rhinoplasty. So if you’re wondering, how do I change my nose again? Non surgical revision rhinoplasty might be the best way for you to go, as it generates instant results and the surgeon can change those results to make sure you’re happy. For those seeking a revision procedure, that’s a great option that can help make patients feel at ease with getting another rhinoplasty.

Many Options For You

If you’re interested in finding out more about what nose procedures can do for you—or how you can change your nose—your best bet is to schedule a consultation with a specialist. It also depends on what you want your desired final look to be and whether you want to undergo surgery. No matter what, there are plenty of options available no matter what method you’re looking to undergo. So you can talk to a cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon or you can even talk to a make-up specialist.

The important part is to start the conversation. Because if there’s one thing that Khloe Kardashian has taught us is that the nose is important—and you don’t have to leave it a certain way if you don’t like it that way. Everything is changeable!