Summary: Wafer thin used to be a popular look in the world of celebrities, but things are changing and GROWING! Take a look around… big butts are in. If you don’t have one naturally, don’t worry: implants might be your new best friend.

Celebrity Backsides

Kim Kardashian claims she didn’t. Nicki Minaj won’t say either way. Countess Vaughn is out and proud about hers. What are we talking about? Butt implants, of course!  In other words, big booty’s! Implants aren’t just for breasts anymore. As the backside takes Hollywood by storm, more and more women are seeking out buttock augmentation to increase the size of their booty. If you want to look amazing, round, full, and famous, you’ve got options, girl!

Implants Are the Answer

Products have come out recently to temporarily give you a lifted, bigger backside. Unfortunately, it is basically like sticking a pillow down the back of your pants. Besides, who wants a temporary fix when a permanent one is so highly effective! No one wants to take their butt off at the end of the night. Or more embarrassingly, have some grab at it and get a handful of foam. Buttocks implants make your butt bigger, the same effect breast implants have on the chest, and they can give you a rounder look that appears more natural and feels better to the touch.

Basic Facts

What doctors refer to as “gluteal implants,” you will refer to as a beautifully bigger butt. Your buttock implant consultation will take many factors into consideration. Every cosmetic surgery is tailored to your specific desires and individual story. In the case of butt implants, ethnicity is deeply considered. What may be desirable for a Caucasian woman may not be the same as what may suit an African American or Hispanic woman. This is why the implants come in all shapes and sizes. The ones you select will ultimately be decided by how big you want to go. Buttock implants are not like breast implants in this way: they are solid silicone instead of gel filled pouches. Because of how much pressure you put on your backside when sitting, the safest bet was to make the implants unable to be popped.

You Know You Want To

You know that you want to have an amazing backside, and making yours bigger may be the key to getting that celebrity look. Below is a list of the Hollywood bums that most requested by cosmetic surgeons:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Pippa Middleton
  • Jessica Biel
  • Britney Spears
  • Shakira
  • Beyonce
  • Eva Mendes
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jessica Alba
  • Many others…

These women are beautiful, rich, famous, and have another thing in common: a round, beautiful shape. If you want all of these things and more, butt implants are your best option. They are a permanent cosmetic fix and will give you the look you most desire.

Ask Your Doctor Today

Miami Butt Augmentation procedures have seen a recent boom in popularity due to a climate shift in Hollywood about what is considered sexy. It is very important that you make sure your cosmetic surgeon is a professional with a lot of experience with this form of implant. Discuss things with your doctor like average healing times, risks and complications, potential side effects, and how much experience he has performing butt implant procedures. Asking to see before and after pictures is a fantastic way to see what kinds of results are possible with this and other cosmetic surgeries. The better equipped your doctor is, the better equipped your backside is soon to be.

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