Summary: One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide, breast augmentation can enhance your curves and even improve your overall quality of life. However, as with any cosmetic surgery, there is a more intimate side of the experience that is rarely discussed. When it comes to making your final decision to undergo breast augmentation, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at some of the motivations and experiences of women who’ve had the procedure before. iStock_000009815357Medium2

Cosmetic Enhancement

As breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, most of the widely discussed benefits are aesthetic in nature. For instance, [url=] breast implants can increase volume and improve breast shape [/url], allowing women to rejuvenate their figures after pregnancy, age or nursing, or simply enhance their curves in a way they’d always wanted. However, these appearance-based outcomes aren’t the only thing on women’s minds when they think about whether to get breast augmentation. What their family or partners might think, the emotional experience of surgery and the recovery period are all aspects of the breast augmentation experience that are not frequently talked about.

What Men Want

Nearly every woman who considers augmentation wonders at some point whether men will like her breast implants or not. It can be difficult to sort through the many mixed messages in society and the media pertaining to women’s bodies. Women are familiar with hearing that men prefer large breasts, but there’s also the constant praise of appearing “natural” rather than artificial. In the face of such conflicting messages, it can be difficult to come to a conclusion about what others will think about your breast augmentation. Self-confidence is often cited as the main quality that makes a person most attractive. While physical appearance may be stressed in the media, most men will admit that a woman’s desirability doesn’t come down to measurements or cup size as much as how good she feels in her own skin. A positive self-image is a key ingredient to your overall psychological wellbeing as well as your ability to look and feel sexy. The choice to get breast augmentation should be motivated by what makes you feel good rather than what others may think about your body.

The Emotional Impact of Surgery

Any major surgery can have a significant physical and emotional impact. After breast augmentation, it’s normal to experience some swings in emotion as you recover. Surgery affects each person differently, and it’s not uncommon for some women to go through a short period of the post-surgery blues during the healing process. The mix of anesthesia and pain medications in the body, soreness, bruising and temporary lifestyle changes that are necessary as you heal can feel limiting, while impatience to see your final results can lead to feelings of frustration. You can help mitigate the post-surgery blues by being patient with your body as your results develop and planning wisely for your recovery period. Stock up on your favorite movies, books or magazines, and ask a close friend or family member to help you out around the house. Your breasts will gradually heal, your discomfort will subside and your implants will settle into position over the coming months. After some time, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your breast augmentation results and the enhanced feelings of confidence that accompany them.