Summary: The injectable filler Botox has been used for years to make patients look younger and more refreshed. Scientists are finding out that this amazing product also has a long list of benefits other than just the aesthetic.

Don’t Listen to the Nay Sayers

When people hear the word “injectables”, their minds often go straight to purposes which include cosmetic enhancements to the face. While it’s true that products like Botox can be used to make you look years younger and more refreshed/vibrant, scientists and doctors are finding new uses for injectables every day. Trends in the area of fillers and injectables are constantly moving forward with the discoveries of new uses for the products. Just because you don’t suffer from deep lines and wrinkles doesn’t mean Botox and other injectables can’t work wonders for you in various other ways.

Multifaceted Product

Scientists are fascinated with the chemical compound that makes up fillers like Botox because what was intended for cosmetic purposes has ended up taking the medical world by storm for its ability to cure a number of other issues. Below is a list of just some of the amazing things you can achieve with the product that goes far beyond the superficial:

  • Excessive Sweating: Injecting Botox into your skin can help dramatically reduce excessive amounts of sweating. Patients often use this technique under their arms or in their foreheads.
  • Migraines/Headaches: Injections to the side of the head or back of the neck has been shown to reduce the side effects of major migraines and frequent headaches.
  • Dimpled chin: That awful flaw sometimes known as “golf ball chin” can be eliminated with the use of Botox.
  • TMJ: Injecting fillers into the jaw and neck can reduce the tension that causes pain known as TMJ.
  • Overactive Bladder: By injecting Botox into the top of the bladder, doctors can help reduce the negative side effects associated with an overactive bladder.
  • Multiple Sclerosis/Cerebral Palsy:  Botox has been used for years to treat the symptoms of cerebral palsy and MS because it relaxes the muscle.
  • Enlarged Prostate: Men who have received injections in their prostate have seen the size and swelling of the area go down thanks to Botox.

There are several other uses for the product, however many of these uses have not been approved by the FDA. Off-label brands are often administers but the positive effects speak for themselves.

Winning Combination

The best part of fillers having these amazing alternative uses is that you can enjoy aestetic improvements to your look while also utilizing the product for other medical benefits. Often times men and women who undergo Botox treatments to fight the signs of aging choose to use the product for its other uses in the same sitting. Cosmetic surgeons who specialize in administering injectables will be happy to explain to you all the other practical ways they have used the products in the past.

The Cure is Right In Front of You

People who have a negative connotation surrounding their opinions of Botox often have these feelings because they are only aware of the cosmetic benefits of injectables. Times are changing, however, and the role of fillers is being redefined. Don’t let negative opinions stop you from doing what’s best for your health and wellbeing. Ask your doctors if Botox or other injectables can cure your symptoms today!

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