Summary: As injectable wrinkle treatments becomes every more popular—and ever more profitable—they are also proliferating. These days, more than only cosmetic surgeons can administer injections. You can get an injection from a nurse, an aesthetician, or any number of medical professionals. The question this raises, of course, is just how good all of these professionals are at giving these injectables. New research seems to indicate that cosmetic surgeons are among the best at giving these injections.

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The Great Injectable Debate

With the growth of injectables in cosmetic surgery, there’s been some healthy distribution of work going on. This means that it might not always be the doctor that does the injections. The plastic surgeon may select the sites and allow a nurse to do the dirty work. Or, it might even be that a cosmetic surgeon is not part of the equation at all—some of these procedures are performed by aestheticians, or professionals who are specially trained at making people look, uh, beautiful. (Generally, they treat you with injectables as part of a holistic beautifying treatment.)

So the question becomes, who is better at injections? An aesthetician probably isn’t going to cost you as much as a nurse, who probably isn’t going to cost you as much as a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. The question is whether the added cost is an investment, or whether it’s simply an added cost.

Growing Injections from Non-Docs, Such as Nurses

It’s no surprise that nurses have been given authority to inject some of these materials into the skin, as they’re so valuable to any practice. This is especially true if a cosmetic surgeon has already selected the sites that are to be targeted. The nurses are often perfectly capable of administering most of those injections.

What is perhaps a little more interesting is that aestheticians are also beginning to give these types of injections. Most of the wrinkle treatments used by aestheticians carry the smallest chance of any type of allergic reaction, and also carry the highest margin of error. For example, an aesthetician is more likely to offer injections in Juvederm than Artefill, specifically because the latter lasts for a significantly longer time in the skin.

Depends on what’s being injected

Every injectable is a little bit different. There are some more forgiving injectables, such as a fat graft or Juvederm. But then there are wrinkle treatments that demand a steady hand, a practiced eye, and a wealth of experience. These are injectables such as Botox or Artefill. You’ll also want to make sure injectables that can have negative effects if they are over-administered are given to you by someone with a great deal of training or experience. Think about what a face looks like when it’s been given too much Botox, after all.

Training is a big factor

In a 2013 survey of plastic and cosmetic surgeons, respondents overwhelmingly said that surgeons were better at administering injectables than others. To be sure, cosmetic surgeons might be slightly biased. But there’s no denying that, in terms of training, there are few who have undergone as much as cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Experience is also a big factor

But there’s also no denying that experience is a significant factor. In fact, what you’ll probably want to look for is a combination of the two. Minneapolis injectables patients can find this combination at the Carillon Clinic, which is overseen by both medical professionals and plastic surgeons with decades of experience. It’s the combination of the two that makes for predictable results—and that’s, after all, what we’re really looking for. We want results the results that were predicted for us, based on how we are and what we want.

Be Happy with Your Results

In the end, what matters more than who is injecting your wrinkle treatment is that you’re happy with the final results. As most wrinkle treatments are only temporary, a mistake isn’t as big of a deal as it might be with a surgical facelift, but that’s not to say a poor job wouldn’t impact your life negatively. So you should always feel confident with your course of action and with who is providing your treatment. Injectables are a great way to get the results you want with a minimal amount of risk, and the vast majority of those who undergo the procedure report that it’s completely worth it. So get going on your own wrinkle treatment today!