Should you dive into plastic surgery like you would the deep end of a pool? Or do you just want to dip your toe into plastic surgery and get started that way? There are advantages to either approach–and that’s easy enough to say. But if you’re interested in a major surgical procedure, how exactly do you go about dipping your toe in?

How to Dip Your Toe Into Plastic Surgery

The circumstances of each individual patient are going to be quite different. That’s why this article is not intended to replace medical advice (and is largely intended for entertainment purposes). That’s because every patient is going to have unique needs and want to approach any type of surgery in a way tailored to those needs.

Sometimes that means diving into the deep end. And sometimes that means dipping your toe into surgery. To be sure, dipping your toe in sounds pretty good. But how does it work in reality? Thankfully, there are some ways that you really can take an incremental approach to undergoing plastic surgery–and it usually involves starting with non invasive cosmetic procedures. In some cases, dipping a toe in is as far as you’ll get. And that’s okay! Knowing how to dip your toe into plastic surgery means sometimes that’s where you’ll stop–because that toe was all you ever wanted to treat anyway.

Procedures You Can Take for a Test Drive

One of the best ways to dip your toe into the concept of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is to undergo a procedure that’s going to produce temporary results. That way, if you don’t like the way you look, it’s easy enough to simply wait for those results to diminish and then pretend it never happened. On the other hand, if you liked the way you look after the temporary procedure, you can either continue on with more of those or look into a more permanent way to get results.

The old standby is Botox or dermal filler injections. These are incredibly popular injectable options designed to eliminate lines and wrinkles. To be sure, fillers and Botox work in completely different ways–they’re designed to address different kinds of wrinkles and lines.

But here’s the point: they’re temporary. Botox tends to last around six months. Dermal fillers tend to last somewhere between 12 and 18 months. So if you don’t really like your results (or the experience), it’s pretty easy to simply wait for the results to the requisite number of months for your results to wane and then chalk it all up to an experiment. There are usually no lingering permanent effects from just one treatment.

Procedures That Address a Specific Concern

The other way to dip your toe into cosmetic surgery is to look for a procedure that addresses a very specific concern. One example of that kind of procedure is laser hair removal. This is a procedure that is incredibly easy for patients to undergo, though it can be a little time consuming. But there’s nothing invasive about it and there’s no recovery period.

Those kinds of procedures–and there are plenty of them–have grown considerably in popularity over the last few years. And they often make an excellent entry into the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

In other words, procedures such as Kybella or laser hair removal are a great way to dip your toe into plastic surgery.

Sometimes, All You Want is a Little

It should be noted that most patients are only after one or two procedures, period. That is, most people who undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery are only looking to address one or two things–and that’s it. Most patients aren’t going to undergo procedure after procedure, though that does sometimes happen too.

It’s absolutely vital that patients only undergo those procedures which they want to undergo. So even if you’re dipping your toe into the world of plastic surgery, you should only be dipping in a direction that you’d like to go in.

After all, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure results are supposed to make you happy. Whether you’re dipping a toe into plastic surgery or taking a dive into the deep end, that’s the ultimate desired result–and that’s what you should be aiming for.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He is constantly in communication with plastic and cosmetic surgeons in order to ensure he has information the latest and greatest aesthetic procedures.

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