Summary: It will not come as a surprise to most people that plastic surgery can be expensive. Medical insurance cannot usually be counted on to pay for anything. This means that some potential patients are simply priced out. So it’s always interesting trying to gage just how popular plastic surgery is. How popular is plastic surgery? Well, it depends on whether you’re paying or not. A recent survey determined that if money were no object, almost a fifth of all people would go in for some kind of surgery. That’s a staggering number, but it certainly speaks to the popularity.

how popular is plastic surgery?

How Popular is Plastic Surgery? Depends on Price?

Plastic surgery can be enormously expensive. For some patients, that’s certainly not a barrier. For other patients, the practice of saving money has come in handy, and they are able to pay for the procedure out of pocket. For still other patients, financing is available—and those patients definitely tend to think it’s worth every penny. In other words, there are many ways to finance plastic surgery, but for many patients it does come down to finances: not only how much does the surgery cost, but how much does the missed wages from work add up to and so on.

However, there’s some new research out that seems to claim that, if money were no object, plastic surgery would be even more popular. According to research performed by YouGov, if money were no object something like one fifth of all American men and one third of American women would desire to have a plastic surgery procedure performed. The most popular procedure? Fat reduction. This isn’t terribly surprising, nor is Breast Enhancement’s third place finish. These are popular procedures and many patients see them as a way to finally get the body they’ve been after for a long time.

Plastic Surgery as Improving the Body

This seems to indicate that people definitely see plastic surgery as a way of improving the body. Indeed, this survey seemed to indicate, especially for women, the tremendous amount of pressure that is present to look a certain way. Of course, this pressure comes from all kinds of different sources, and we’re not really going to get into where it comes from and why in this blog post (I’m sure there will be other blog posts for that). But the point is this: if more people felt absolutely comfortable in their bodies, the degree of plastic surgery desire would likely go down.

Luckily, plastic surgery exists, because often, diet and exercise cannot adequately address the complaints of these patients. For example, when it comes to breast augmentation or butt augmentation, there are very few ways to increase the size of the breasts or buttocks through diet or exercise. (Okay, when it comes to the rear end, there are a few ways, but the exercises involved are quite demanding.) The only way to get a larger breast size, for example, is through plastic surgery. It makes sense, then, that the 18% of women who want larger breasts (according to this survey) would be good candidates for the procedure.

Liposuction for an Improved Body

Of course, then we come to a procedure such as liposuction. According to the survey, among the women who would want plastic surgery, almost 60% of them would use the surgery to reduce the amount of fat on their bodies. Now, it might be easy to say something like, isn’t that what dieting and exercise is for? Well, not necessarily. According to the website of the Clear Lake, TX, liposuction experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, part of what liposuction is designed to do is target areas that stubbornly resist all of the efforts of diet and exercise.

That might help explain the popularity of liposuction. The narrative, of course, is that you have total control over your body and that you exercise that control via diet and exercise. If you have discipline and determination, you can have any body you want. And maybe that’s true when you’re younger. But fat tends to collect in certain areas, and it resists diet and exercise with all its might. So you might be fit, but it’s still possible to have deposits of fatty tissue that you’d like to do without. The solution, of course, is liposuction, as it’s almost the only way to selectively target those fatty areas.

Ensure Your Happiness

So it shouldn’t be surprising that liposuction remains a highly desired and highly popular plastic surgery procedure. It also shouldn’t be surprising that plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity every year. More procedures become available, granting people and patients more control over their final results. And, of course, some procedures become more affordable, allowing more and more people to finance and pay for plastic surgery procedures. It’s the hope of every plastic surgeon, of course, that every one who wants plastic surgery can somehow get plastic surgery. And many surgeons actively work to make that a goal through various surgeries.

Because people that feel like they look good tend to also just feel good more broadly. Self esteem goes up, self-confidence goes up, and quality of life goes up. Some people can manage that without plastic surgery, but for those who can’t, plastic surgery offers a great way to get the body you want.