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How long will your breast lift results last? That’s going to depend on several factors, including the amount of overall work performed, the type of incision, and your dedication to aftercare. That’s why it can be challenging to give a range of time that you can expect. But there are some things you can do that may make your breast lift last for a longer time period.

How Long Will a Typical Breast Lift Last?

A breast lift procedure is designed to help give added support to your breasts, producing a much more youthful and energetic look. But many patients want to know just how long their breast lift results will last. That’s understandable. Any plastic surgery procedure is going to be something of a commitment, so it makes sense that you’d want those results to last just as long as possible.

Breast lift is designed to make you look younger and restore some lost confidence. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll enjoy a more feminine looking silhouette. Some women will enjoy that completely–and they’ll want to know how long it’s going to last for.

Breast Lift Duration Varies

So, there are two things to know about how long a breast lift will last:

  • Changes are permanent: The changes made to the breast through surgery will be permanent changes. Well, they’ll be what’s known as “effectively permanent.” We’ll talk about that in a minute.
  • Duration will vary: There are going to be tons of factors that go into just how long your results last. Your incision type, the extent of work you have done, and how you care for your breasts after the procedure will have a dramatic impact on how long your results last.

Because here’s the thing: a breast lift can functionally turn back the clock of time and reset your breasts to make them look more youthful. But surgery can’t stop the aging process. Your breasts will still age, still be susceptible to gravity, and your skin will still lose elasticity. So your breasts will keep aging.

And that means that, over time, your breasts will begin to sag again. Most women will enjoy over ten years of a youthful looking profile, but, again, this can vary from patient to patient.

Can You Prolong Your Breast Lift Results?

The duration of your breast lift results will be mostly determined by your biology, your incision, your surgeon, and so on. But there are a few things you can do that could positively impact the longevity of your breast lift results. Some of those things include:

  • Try to maintain a consistent weight. Fluctuations, especially large fluctuations, of your weight are going to cause the creation of excess skin. This excess skin can erode the results of your breast lift procedure. The longer you maintain that stable weight, the longer your results will last as they first appear.
  • Practice good skin care. Your skin is part of the equation here, too. And the healthier your skin is, the more elasticity you can expect on a daily basis. Taking care of your skin could mean being sure to stay hydrated and–for sure–avoiding smoking tobacco products.
  • Wear proper support. When your surgery is over, you’ll be given a special compression garment to wear during your recovery. It’s important that you wear this garment as instructed. But beyond that, being sure to wear properly fitted support as often as possible will likely help you prolong your results.

You’ll be able to enjoy your breast lift results for years, in all likelihood, before having to worry about waning results. Still, if you’re worried about getting your results to last for as long as possible, you should definitely consult with your plastic surgeon to get specific and individualized instructions.

The highest priority, for surgeons and patients alike, is to ensure that you are happy with your overall breast lift results. For many, knowing how long your breast lift will last is part of that conversation.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly five years. He’s constantly in touch with cosmetic and plastic surgeons to ensure he has the latest and most up to date information possible.

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