Summary: There’s no doubt that celebrities and plastic surgery go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’ve written plenty of times about this or that celebrity who got this or that procedure. But how much pressure is really on celebrities to open up about their plastic surgery? Why is it so hard to admit to plastic surgery of some kind?

hard to admit to plastic surgery

Asking, Why is it So Hard to Admit to Plastic Surgery?

There’s been some waves made lately because Kaley Cuoco has admitted to a fair amount of plastic surgery. She admitted to getting a breast augmentation and a nose job. That situation isn’t all that unlike Iggy Azalea’s, because she admitted to (basically) the same procedures.

So why do some celebrities admit to plastic surgery and others do not? Why does it matter to some celebrities and not to others? After all, it’s not as though we continue to judge people harshly due to their plastic surgery. If anything, the reaction to celebrities like Cuoco and Azalea show that we’ve become pretty accepting of plastic surgery.

At least, that’s how it seems. The reality is a little bit more complicated.

Why is it so Hard to Admit to Plastic Surgery?

There are actually several reason why someone might not be exactly inclined to discuss his or her plastic surgery procedure. And this is true whether you’re in the public eye or not. You might not want to share your plastic surgery experience because:

  • You’re concerned that people might see you as being shallow
  • You are a typically private individual
  • You had some self-conscious feelings about the treated area in the first place
  • You just don’t think it’s anyone else’s business
  • You’re reluctant to talk about yourself in the first place

Honestly, this list could continue for quite some time. For many people, the body is an expression of self—it’s who you are. And when you get plastic surgery, you’re usually making changes to bring your body into alignment with that self. It can be a very personal decision and a very private journey. It might not be something you want to share with everyone.

That said, there are some procedures that are difficult to hide. For example, if you suddenly eliminate all the wrinkles from your face or significantly increase your bust size, people might notice.

But noticing a change is not synonymous with noticing plastic surgery. It’s really up to you to determine whether that’s something you really want to discuss. You’re not obligated to do anything other than take a compliment!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being Open About Plastic Surgery

As with anything in life, there are certain benefits and certain drawbacks to being open about your plastic surgery procedure. Let’s take a look at the benefits first, and then we’ll balance that out by looking at the drawbacks. It’s worth noting that most of these benefits and drawbacks are quite general (meaning you don’t have to be an a-list celeb to experience them).

Benefits of Being Open About Plastic Surgery

  • The most substantial benefit might be a sense of a weight lifted—that feeling of freedom that comes with not having anything to hide
  • You can advocate for your own choices and explain them if you want
  • Others might see what you’ve accomplished and learn from your example if they want the same thing
  • You can talk openly about what you need in terms of recovery

Drawbacks of Being Open About Plastic Surgery

  • It might be difficult for you to talk about something that is relatively private
  • Being open might invite other questions that you aren’t comfortable answering
  • You might not be comfortable discussing your medical history (this is, you know, understandable)
  • Being identified as someone who has had plastic surgery may change the way that some people perceive you

Plastic Surgery Has an Impact on Your Life (So Does Talking About it)

Whether you choose to discuss your plastic surgery procedure is, in the end, totally up to you. That’s the way it should be. That’s why I’ve always been a little confused by the notion that we should expect celebrities to discuss their procedures.

After all, there are many reasons why a given celebrity would rather preserve the mystique. It can help them stay in the headlines more, and they avoid all the judgment that comes with plastic surgery procedures (where it exists).

The other thing to consider is that celebrities often have a vested interest in maintaining their image—they want people to think of them as looking good naturally. And that can be an important part of their careers (especially when you have to be cast as having a certain “look”).

So let’s give celebrities the same respect that we demand—let’s let them be the ones to decide whether they’re comfortable talking about their plastic surgery.