Can You Give Cosmetic Surgery as a Gift?

Are you wondering how to give plastic surgery as a holiday gift? It might not be as easy as giving other types of gifts. There are a lot of messages that go along with doing something like giving plastic surgery away. For many, it’s going to be best to avoid the whole idea altogether. But if you’re dead set on giving plastic surgery as a holiday gift, we have some advice that maybe (hopefully) will make the process go a little bit more smoothly.

how to give plastic surgery as a holiday gift

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are just around the corner and you might be thinking about giving the gift of plastic surgery. But there’s a certain way to do this. Learning how to give plastic surgery as a holiday gift can help that giving be much more successful. And that’s important given how expensive plastic or cosmetic surgery can be!

Tips for Learning How to Give Plastic Surgery as a Holiday Gift

Because here’s the thing: giving plastic surgery as a holiday gift can be a delicate proposition. It’s kind of like giving someone a can of deodorant. Yes, it’s a useful gift—but the implication is that the receiver of the gift stinks. And you don’t want to convey those kinds of negative connotations when you’re giving plastic surgery. (For example, you don’t want to give someone a gift certificate for a nose job when the recipient actually likes his or her nose.)

That’s why we’re writing a few helpful tips so that you can rest assured your plastic or cosmetic surgery gift is as well received as possible. That said, please don’t write us if things go awry—like we said, giving this kind of gift can be pretty delicate!

Tip #1: Forget About Surprises

One of the most profound joys that people tend to get out of giving gifts is the look of surprise on the recipient’s face. You can’t do that when you’re giving plastic or cosmetic surgery as a gift. There are just too many unknowns when giving plastic or cosmetic surgery as a gift. Instead, you need to focus on transparency and communication:

  • Ensure that the recipient actually wants plastic surgery—that it’s a welcome gift.
  • Discuss which procedures the recipient might want (but be careful not to suggest any procedures).
  • Discuss how much you’d like to contribute as a gift. Often, gifts won’t be able to cover the entirety of a procedure, so giving a portion is often acceptable.
  • Talk about the timeline for the procedure. Often, patients can plan a plastic surgery procedures for a number of years before deciding to undergo an operation.

Communicating about your cosmetic surgery gift is incredibly important.

Tip #2: Find Out How to Give a Gift

Many medical spas and cosmetic surgery clinics will likely allow you to purchase gift cards. But that could be difficult if you’re trying to contribute to a procedure from a plastic surgeon. So it’s helpful if you figure out the best way to contribute. That’s because many plastic surgery patients will end up financing a significant portion of their procedure—and that can make giving it as a gift somewhat challenging.

If you’re giving something like a non surgical nose job as a gift, that’s probably something that you can get as a gift card (for the equivalent amount or towards the overall cost). But if you’re contributing towards a surgical nose job, that becomes a little trickier. You might consider giving a generic gift card (such as a Visa Gift Card) as a way of still giving a gift.

That said, when it comes to any gift cards, make sure you understand how they might devalue over time or even expire.

Tip #3: You Are Not in Control

So, you’ve given cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery as a gift. Here’s something that is incredibly important to remember about that: Just because you’ve contributed financially does not entitle you to any amount of control over the end result. You don’t get to influence the direction of the patient simply because you’ve given a gift.

I know that’s tempting. You want to give suggestions. You want to help. But you’re giving a gift—so there shouldn’t be strings attached to that gift. That’s very important to emphasize.

Let the recipient be in control. That’s what the procedure is all about (and that’s what the surgeon is going to insist on anyway). Besides, if the recipient/patient is unhappy with the results, it’s kind of like throwing money away anyways.

The Recipient Should be Happy

Ultimately, giving the gift of plastic or cosmetic surgery is about one thing: the patient (who is also the recipient of the gift). So ensuring that the patient is happy is going to be paramount. Sometimes this might mean calling the whole thing off. And that’s okay. Sometimes that might mean delaying the procedure for a while. That’s also okay.

Basically, if you want to give plastic surgery as a gift, you need to focus on three things:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • The Recipient’s happiness

Focus on those three things and you should be okay. How to give plastic surgery as a holiday gift? Very, very carefully.

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