Summary: Botox for men has become so popular that it’s earned its own slang term: brotox. But there’s still some men who are hesitant to admit an interest in the procedure. Lucky for them, if they really are interested, there are a few ways you can give him the push he needs to fully enjoy the Botox experience.



I’m not a big fan of one particular recurring trend: merging “bro” into any word that describes men and their relationship with other men. Bromance, for example, to describe a movie about a friendship between two men. It doesn’t need it. But there’s one “bro” smashing of words that we need to talk about, as much as it pains me to do so: Brotox.

As you probably guessed, Brotox is Botox with the “bro” prefix. There’s no doubt that the popularity of Botox is rising—we recently saw mentioned that something like 5 million women received Botox in the year 2013 alone. But Botox is also incredibly popular among men. There does seem to be a difference in how they get there, though. In fact, men might be reluctant to seek out Botox. So, here are a couple of ways to put the bro in Botox. Or, you know, a couple of ways to get you man to the clinic.

Birthday Gift

When you were younger, birthdays were about cake and presents (they kind of still are) and getting to drive or getting to order that first glass of wine. But as you grow older, birthdays become more about what’s left behind. You can feel older than you are. Giving Botox (or a gift card for Botox, as, obviously, you would not administer the substance yourself) as a birthday gift is a gateway to a more youthful looking face—so you can feel young again.

Anniversary Date

It’s not uncommon, for romantic purposes, to schedule a couple’s massage, right? In fact, that might be the only way to get your significant other to Massage Envy in the first place. Sometimes breaking new ground is easier when you’re together, and this is especially true if your significant other thinks he’s being supportive. And the best part is, you both end up looking more youthful! A special occasion such as an anniversary is a great time to try this “date” idea.

You Won!

Okay, this one’s a little sneaky. Go to your local medical spa or plastic surgeon and pay for your significant other’s procedure. Thanks to the FDA, New York Botox is the same as Detroit Botox, so you’re safe wherever you go. Ask the receptionist if he or she will call your significant other and tell him he’s won a free trial of Botox. He’ll think it’s free, he’ll think he’s a winner, and getting Botox will become about claiming the spoils of his conquest.

Willing Participants Only

Remember, the point of all of this is not to pressure your husband, boyfriend, or acquaintance into having a procedure done that he does not want done. If your man doesn’t want Botox, that’s okay, and we probably shouldn’t bug him about it. Instead, these suggestions are for those of us who know our man wants it—maybe he’s mentioned something in passing—but will never admit it. That is, until he tries it.

Start your planning today; then you can enjoy Botox together.