Will Butt Implants or a Butt Lift Get Your the Results You Want?

So, you’re thinking about butt augmentation. But you’re also thinking, should I get butt implants or butt lift? Which one is better for me? Well—you’re starting with the right question. Once you know your actual desired results, you’ll be in a much better position to figure out what exact technique or procedure is right for you.

should I get butt implants or a butt lift?

When you look at plastic surgery statistics over the years, it’s easy to see that one of the most popular procedures has basically come out of nowhere: butt augmentation. To be sure, there’s often been a somewhat muted demand for this particular procedure. But in the last five or ten years, that demand has skyrocketed. So now, many more people are asking: should I get butt implants or butt lift?

Will a Butt Implants or Butt Lift Work Best?

There are still other patients who aren’t entirely sure what the difference between the two actually is. That’s understandable. It’s quite possible that those patients are mostly focused on the end results—not how you get there.

Butt implants and butt lifts take two very different approaches, even if they do embrace some of the same concepts. So, should you get butt implants or a butt lift? Ultimately, that depends on your desired final result.

What Do You Want Your Butt to Look Like?

When it comes to butt augmentation—and this is basically the same with any plastic surgery procedure—much will depend on what you want the final result to look like. In this case that means figuring out how you want your butt to look and feel once the procedure is finished.

Most patients who want a butt augmentation are looking for the following:

  • Larger buttocks
  • Buttocks that are rounder
  • A little more “lift” to the overall shape
  • An end result that looks more youthful and flatters the rest of the body

Obviously, those are all pretty vague notions. But patients often start out from a place of “I want my butt to look good” before getting a little more specific about things from there.

What’s the Difference Between Implants and Lift?

It’s important to point out that when most people talk about a butt “lift,” what they really mean is the Brazilian Butt Lift. With that in mind, we can discuss the two basic approaches that surgeons will take for a butt augmentation:

  • Butt Implants: This approach is much like breast augmentation procedures. Essentially, an incision is made along the buttocks and a silicone implant is inserted into each side. The size of the implant will vary depending on what you want your final result to look like. The primary downside to this approach is that, eventually, the implants might have to be removed. Additionally, some patients complain that the “feel” of the implants takes some getting used to (especially when you’re sitting). However, this procedure is used to add significant bulk (of a certain shape) to the backside.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift: This procedure takes an entirely different approach to the issue. Rather than using a silicone implant, a Brazilian Butt Lift uses your body’s own fat in order to get a result. Here’s what happens: a surgeon will perform liposuction, removing fat from an unwanted area (such as the abdomen). The fat will then be purified and injected into the buttocks. The recovery for this procedure is somewhat cumbersome (you have to avoid sitting for several weeks), but once the fat “takes” to its new home, the results can be quite spectacular. The best part is that those results tend to look and feel quite natural.

Brazilian Butt Lift Becoming More Common

While butt implants might be the right choice for certain patients, there’s no denying that Brazilian Butt Lift is becoming more and more common—to the point where butt implants have gotten pretty rare.

That’s because Brazilian Butt Lift procedures have been shown to get pretty excellent results. Surgeons have become quite good at manipulating the fat injections, sculpting them in a way that generates the kind of curved results most patients are after.

Brazilian Butt Lifts are also minimally invasive. This means that patients don’t have to deal with the incisions and recovery associated with more intense procedures (although, again, the recovery for a BBL presents its own challenges). That’s why, from San Francisco to Milwaukee, butt lift procedures have gotten incredibly popular.

People Like Bigger Butts

This popularity can be explain, in part, by the increased effectiveness of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. But there’s also a social component—the big butt is in these days, and that’s one of the primary reasons for the popularity of this procedure.

The best place to find out more about whether you should get butt implants or a butt lift is from your surgeon. Once you know exactly what you want the end results to look like, your surgeon can help you determine the best way to accomplish just that.

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