Summary: These five facial cosmetic surgery procedures are probably not among those popular procedures you’ve heard of. But that doesn’t mean these procedures aren’t important. In fact, for the patients who undergo these facial cosmetic surgery procedures, there could be few things that are as important.

five facial plastic surgery procedures you've never heard of

Five Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures You’ve Never Heard Of

We are, perhaps, mostly familiar with those plastic surgery procedures that are designed to make the face look more youthful. Whether you’re talking about a facelift or Botox, there’s a certain cultural awareness surrounding what those procedures do: they get rid of lines and wrinkles and make you look younger.

But what about those facial procedures you’ve never heard of? Well, it turns out there are likely quite a few of those. Not all plastic surgery, after all, is about looking younger. Some of it is about looking better—and some of it is about correcting issues that have cropped up over one’s life. So let’s take a look at five facial cosmetic surgery procedures you’ve never heard of!

#1: Ear Reshaping

Some people are born with large ears and some people are born with smaller ears. For those with larger ears, there can be some painful memories associated with those big ears (after all, kids can be pretty cruel). Ear reshaping surgery (sometimes known as Otoplasty) is common among children as well as adults and is generally tasked with returning the ears to a more common proportional appearance.

The end result is a face that appears more proportional and ears that no longer protrude. It’s a way for people to feel more accepted in terms of how their ears look, and as such is a popular plastic surgery procedure for many people.

#2: Revision Rhinoplasty

Sometimes your nose job doesn’t go according to plan. Or, worse, sometimes you break your nose again (this is not altogether uncommon with athletes in physical sports, for example). In these cases, you might need a procedure called a revision rhinoplasty.

During this procedure, a surgeon will go in and repair your nose—usually returning it to its original appearance. At the same time, any functionality issues will be addressed to improve that. For many patients, a broken nose or a poor result from a prior nose job surgery can have lasting negative impacts.

Revision rhinoplasty is a great way to address those negative impacts. There are non surgical revision options as well!

#3: Eyelid Lift

Okay, we’ll be totally honest with you. In some ways, an eyelid lift is indeed about looking more youthful. And in that way, eyelid lift procedures kind of fit into the “more youthful” category. However, eyelid lift procedures are also done to improve vision.

The excess skin that causes wrinkles around your eyes as you age can also, after all, get in the way of your vision. Removing that excess tissue during an eyelid lift (or blepharoplasty) procedure is a great way to improve how much you see (and let more light into your eyes). It’s a win-win!

#4: Cleft Palate Reconstruction

This is probably a pretty commonly known reconstructive surgery. A cleft palate is a relatively common birth defect that results in an open above the lip or in the top of the mouth. In most cases, a Cleft Palate is treated with reconstructive surgery.

The goal of this surgery is two-fold: first and foremost, a surgeon will attempt to repair the birth deformity. This is the most important part of a cleft palate reconstruction procedure. But the secondary goal is to minimize any scarring that may develop due to the surgery.

There are plenty of examples, after all, of the telltale Cleft Palate scar between the nose and the lips. Minimizing that scar is a priority for many surgeons.

#5: Kybella

We’re putting Kybella in this category because it’s relatively new and because it’s not aimed necessarily at making you look a bit younger. It’s aimed at making you look a bit slimmer. This non surgical product is a simple injection that makes fat around the jawline basically disappear.

We’ve written in other places about how well Kybella works, and what a great job it does. It’s a great way to eliminate what’s called submental fat (the fat around the jawline). Basically, it gets rid of a double chin (for most patients) with just a few injections!

Get the Facial Procedure You Need

These five procedures may not be breaking ground in the ways that Botox is (and they aren’t nearly as popular)—but they are important. After all, these procedures exist because there’s a demand for them.

At the end of the day, it’s about getting the procedure you want when you have a need that can be met. These procedures meet the needs of many, many people!