Can You Use Social Media to Find a Plastic Surgeon?

People use social media for everything these days, so it’s not surprising if you find a plastic surgeon on Instagram. But is an Instagram account (or a Facebook account for that matter) comprehensive enough to allow you to make informed decisions? That’s why we’re taking a look at how you can use social media to discover plastic surgeons—but also why you shouldn’t stop there.

plastic surgeon on instagram

Everyone’s using social media for everything these days, so should you find a plastic surgeon on Instagram or Facebook? It can be tempting, in large part because these social media platforms are so good at targeting their advertisements. If you’re interested in plastic surgery and you’ve been on Instagram, there’s no doubt you’ve seen plenty of ads.

When You Find a Plastic Surgeon on Instagram

And those ads can be pretty persuasive. Instagram has a pretty liberal set of policies, especially when it comes to showing certain aspects of plastic surgery. Those sponsored posts can be exceptionally targeted—meaning they might know where you live, what procedures you’re interested in, and what surgeons you’ve been looking at lately.

Does that make Instagram a suitable place to find yourself a plastic surgeon? That’s where you might want to put the breaks on a little bit, and we can explain why in a minute—but it also won’t hurt to keep an open mind.

The Problem with Instagram

For those who don’t know (or aren’t familiar with it), Instagram is a social media app designed to share images. Unlike some other social media platforms, Instagram really puts an emphasis on the “instant” part of its name. It likes images to seem spontaneous, as though they’re capturing the moment. This creates an interesting tension with the very notion of sponsored posts—but we’re going to sidestep that discussion for now.

Eventually, you’ll see sponsored posts in your feed. And those posts may include some plastic surgery advertisements (especially if you’ve been doing some research lately). That’s okay. But they shouldn’t be your basis for your overall decision, and there are a few reasons why:

  • Instagram posts tend to be quite shallow, with only limited text. After all, the picture is the star here. That can make it difficult to get comprehensive information.
  • Surgeons will sometimes feature their absolute best work in an Instagram post—but that should not replace a deeper dive into their before and after galleries
  • Instagram posts will often have a featured offer or discount—at the very least, a call to action. These can be tempting, but you should never bypass the more comprehensive research involved in making a good decision about a procedure.

Instagram is a Good Place to Start

That said, Instagram might be a good place to start your search for a plastic surgeon in your area. There are many plastic surgeons who are pretty active on Instagram. Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton, for example, has a very active Instagram account with many followers.

But her Instagram account is not designed to be a final destination. In many cases, those posts are designed to lead you back to her website, where you can find more information about her and the procedures she offers. After all, most plastic surgeons are really interested in helping patients do a significant amount of research—they like candidates to know what they’re in for.

What you tend to see more often is medical spas and cosmetic surgery clinics offering “quick checkout” options. And to a certain degree this makes sense. These types of procedures tend to be much less invasive and, therefore, don’t tend to require the same amount of research.

Making the Right Choice for You

Whether you’re looking for a plastic surgeon on Instagram or a medical spa on Facebook, you should still take the time to make sure you’re doing the adequate amount of research. When you look into plastic or cosmetic surgeons, you definitely want to look at the following:

  • Research the procedure in question to make sure it’s the right fit for your needs (a tummy tuck isn’t right for everyone and neither is Botox).
  • Look at reviews—has the surgeon in question been able to generate a significant number of excellent reviews?
  • Before and After photos: Many surgeons and medical spas will showcase their work with a before and after gallery. This is a great way to evaluate the quality of work for any given surgeon and ensure you have the best chance possible of getting the results you want.

Let the Consultation Decide

Ultimately, you’re going to want to go in for a consultation before you make any final decisions. That consultation is so important—it’s what allows you to feel out the surgeon or clinic before you commit. So if you’re looking for a surgeon on Instagram, that’s fine. You can go ahead and find a plastic surgeon on Instagram.

But you shouldn’t commit until you’ve done your due diligence—and that includes research and a consultation. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be in a much better position to make a decision, even if you found your plastic surgeon on Instagram.

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