Summary: Many are hailing the new “Cellulaze” treatment as a cute for cellulite, and women could not be happier.


The Bumpy Road

Almost every woman knows that cellulite is aw

ful. It can completely destroy your confidence and make you avoid short shorts, bathing suits, tight pants… you name it. We are all looking for a cure for cellulite, and it looks like we finally may have found it. If diet and exercise aren’t help to reduce your cellulite (and because of genetics, they probably aren’t) you may be in luck with Cellulaze.

How it Works

There are so many amazing things that Cellulaze offers, and women everywhere are lining up to try it. Some of the major benefits of Cellulaze include:

  • There’s typically only 1 treatment required. One of the biggest aspects of Cellulaze that is causing such a buzz is that in most cases you may only require 1 treatment to experience dramatic results.
  • Cellulaze requires only a local anesthetic. No general anesthesia. No extra risk of “going under” and much less risk than any traditional surgery.
  • The procedure is gaining in popularity. It’s been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Self Magazine and Marie Claire, as well as on the show The Doctors. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has also given the technique a positive review.

Cellulaze has a number of other benefits in addition to these, including the fact that you can be up and ready to go after your procedure with very minimal downtime. For those who are looking to zap their cellulite fast, Cellulaze will fit in perfectly with your schedule. Bruising and swelling may occur after you have undergone a treatment of Cellulaze, but any side effects from the procedure are sure to stop within a reasonable amount of recovery time.

Safe and Sound

Cellulaze was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration in January for showing improvement to patients after three months. Reducing cellulite in less than three months is a remarkable claim for anyone who suffers from the unsightly bumps. Cellulaze promises its patients that its laser technology attacks all three problems responsible for cellulite: too-thin skin, bulging fat, and the connective tissue that tugs at the skin and creates dimples. With the FDA behind the surgery and supporters of the technique coming out in droves, it is no wonder that Cellulaze is seeing a huge jump in popularity in such a short period of time.

Our Turn to Shine

If you or someone you know is suffering from cellulite, Cellulaze may be the perfect cosmetic procedure for you. Before you undergo a dramatic liposuction surgery, look into this advanced new procedure that has everyone buzzing! Talk to your cosmetic surgeon today about your specific case of cellulite, and see what he thinks would be the best plan of attack. Quit avoiding certain fashions because you are too nervous about your dimples, undergo a Cellulaze treatment today and add your name to the list of satisfied and smooth patients who have had their lives changed by this innovative procedure!

Interested in Moving Forward?

If you think Cellulaze is the ticket we suggest Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Berkowitz from Accents Cosmetic Surgery.

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