Summary: Fat grafting may have a silly sounding name, but the benefits and possibilities of this procedure are endless! The procedure essentially involves moving fat from one area of your body to another, killing two birds with one stone.


Crazy Name, Amazing Surgery

Fat grafting sounds strange, we admit it… but the truth is that fat grafting is one of the most exciting cosmetic surgery procedures out there today. Fat grafting, or fat injections, essentially extracts fat from one area of the body and places is into another. It’s basically your body helping itself out by redistributing fat from a problem area and “moving” it to somewhere you wish was a little plumper. Don’t worry, the fat is purified before it’s put to use. The procedure is pretty customizable so you have a lot of options ahead of you. With this amazing “two-for-one” you can achieve the body and/or face you’ve always wanted. We are excited to see what combinations you come up with!

Many Ways to Achieve Your Look

The fat grafting procedure is usually used to improve signs of aging, most commonly in the face, but it can really be used anywhere. Most often women take fat from their thighs or flanks and inject it into their face to restore the area if it has lost elasticity or fullness or time. This creates a smooth, natural look. In some more extreme cases, people have even removed fat from their stomach and put it in their butt! The possibilities are truly endless.

Benefits of Fat Injections

The benefits of using your own fat are obvious: you aren’t putting anything foreign into your body, so the risk of allergic reaction is much, much less than that of a procedure involving implants or invasive techniques. If you like things more “natural,” fat grafting is definitely for you. Other ways to know if you are a good candidate for fat grafting include the following:

  • You are in good physical condition and can withstand cosmetic surgery
  • You are bothered by the thinness of your lips due to heredity or age
  • You have small creases around your lips and mouth, wrinkles that make you appear older than you actually are
  • You have loose skin and a sunken look in the cheeks from a loss of elasticity
  • You wish to increase the volume of your buttocks, arms, hands, or another area of the body more naturally, without using implants

Consider Fat Grafting Today

The experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery know how exciting fat grafting can be. New Jersey fat grafting is actually more popular now than it ever has been before, and the rest of the country is following suit. If you are interested in all that fat injections have to offer, consult a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon today.

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