Summary: When considering plastic surgery many of us have A LOT of questions. The awesome surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery Center answered some of the most common for us.


Plastic Surgery FAQ

Plastic surgery can be a major undertaking, and we are always urging you to ask a lot of questions and to find the best surgeon available. Really understanding your surgery will help you to have the most positive results possible. We’ve complied some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery answers every year to create a “one stop shop” for all of your basic plastic surgery inquiries.

Why is it important to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

We urge you all the time to choose a board certified plastic surgeon, but why? The reason is critical: board certified plastic surgeons are the only ones who should be trusted with the fate of your body’s appearance in their hands. Dr. Loghmanee told us this interesting info:

“(With a board certified plastic surgeon) you are choosing a surgeon who has the skill, training, and necessary experience for a successful outcome. Board certification requires the doctor to fully complete the rigorous educational and clinical board requirements. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only medical board that certifies plastic surgeons in all procedures.”

If I decide to have surgery, how long will I have to wait?

This is a question we get A LOT because people are always so excited once they finally decide to undergo surgery. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the answer, but New Jersey board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Loghmanee Dr. Cerio replied with this:

“With certain procedures, often times the limiting factor is waiting for insurance companies to authorize the procedure. If you are healthy and the procedure is cosmetic, you should not have to wait longer than one to two weeks, depending on where you are trying to receive your surgery (due to their own scheduling situations.)”

What is the initial office visit like?

Office visits and one on one consultations are so important when it comes to successful plastic surgery. Dr. Cerio explained it to us like this:

“The initial office visit is meant to welcome you, introduce ourselves and our staff to you, and provide you with a comfortable and informative consultation which provides you with the information necessary for you to make the best decision possible about your surgery.”

If you have any other plastic surgery questions, never hesitate to comment on this site or seek out your own plastic surgery professional.

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