Summary:  Between the procedures they are getting themselves, and the ones they are inspiring others to seek out, celebrities are constantly influencing the world of cosmetic surgery.

Hollywood Glamour

Everyone dreams of being famous. Walking the red carpet, mingling with the elite, all the free swag! There’s no doubt that our culture is celebrity obsessed, and it’s putting pressure on us to look amazing. Every year women (and men!) flock to their cosmetic surgeons for a little nip/tuck inspired by their favorite famous faces. Some of the most gorgeous celebrities in the world are embracing the plastic surgery trends and chances are you are too.

What’s Hot Right This Minute

What current crazes are sweeping the nation? In 2012 is all about the “chinplants.” Chins are hot, and the implant procedure is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. The tried and true are also holding their own: breast augmentation and liposuction are still among the most popular choices for women. For men, body contouring, eyelid lifts, and Botox are the current obsession. If you tune into any of the awards shows this year, you will see both male and female celebrities who have taken advantage of these trends in order to look fantastic for the cameras.

Celebrity Inspiration

Over the past year, celebrities have had a big impact on cosmetic surgery trends. The following glamour girls (and guys) have had people flocking to their doctors in hoards:

  • Pippa Middleton: the butt that changed the world. More people have sought out butt implants and backside contouring since the royal wedding than ever before because of this royal-related diva.
  • January Jones: the Mad Men craze isn’t just influencing fashion. This classic Hollywood beauty’s cheeks have been requested by hundreds nationwide.
  • Natalie Portman: everyone wants to look like Natalie, with her beautiful dark features. Her nose, specifically, is one of the most requested of 2012 thus far.
  • Mark Walberg has a body that most women swoon over, but it also seems to be catching the eye of men, as well. His is one of the most popular men’s bodies shown during cosmetic body contouring consultations.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a big influence for those who want smooth, flawless skin. Other Botox lovers site Katy Perry and other youthful celebrities as their inspiration for injectables.
  • Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are both MAJOR influences on male cosmetic surgery. Patients are seeking out their jaw lines, foreheads, noses, and sculpted physiques, and most likely will be for years to come.

On Your Way to Fame

While wanting to mimic a celebrity’s looks is a little controversial, bringing in pictures of your 2012 celebrity inspiration can help plastic surgeons really understand what it is you want from your surgery. Just as people have been cutting out hair styles from magazines for decades, there is nothing wrong with sharing your vision with your doctor to assure that you are getting the results you desire. Your favorite famous face could help you achieve the look you’ve desired for years! As long as you understand that you will still look like yourself after surgery, celebrity influence can be a fun way to become the best version of you possible!

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