Summary: The next big thing in plastic surgery may be behind you. Okay, we’re making a pun. We’re looking at butt augmentation procedures, especially the Brazilian Butt Lift, as one of the surging plastic surgery procedures on the market today. What makes this procedure so popular? Why do people love it? These are tough questions to answer—some of the answers have something to do with shift in culture, and some of the answers are definitely a little more personal. At the end of the day, a lot of the appeal has to do with how people look when the surgery is completed.

butt lift in 2016

What to Expect from the Butt Lift in 2016

We’ve known for a while that this trend has been coming. Every year, especially since the year 2000, this procedure has seen significant growth. But now it’s here and it’s big. Of course, we’re talking about Butt Lift procedures. These procedures, sometimes known as butt augmentation, are getting more and more popular. In fact, the butt lift in 2016 promises to be on the year’s hottest. But why are people getting these butt lift procedures? Why are they suddenly so popular? I find it difficult to believe that thousands of people woke up suddenly wanting a larger rear end.

I think there are a couple of ways to explain the popularity of butt lifts in 2016. First and foremost, we have to acknowledge the changing face of beauty. In the year 2000, it’s possible that big butts simply were not considered to be as attractive as they are now; to be sure, this is a broad generalization. There was not a committee of attractiveness in 2000 that was handing down decisions on butt size. Rather, I just mean to speak in sweeping generalizations. And in a general way, big butts seem to be considered more attractive than they used to be.

Different Types of Butt Lifts

Another reason why butt lifts have gained popularity, I think, has to do with the availability of a variety of types of butt augmentation now available. There was a time, after all, when the primary form of butt augmentation looked kind of like breast augmentation. Implants (usually silicone) were placed in buttocks in order to make them look bigger. Achieving the desired look was usually relatively easy, but this type of butt augmentation lacks a certain natural feelings. Indeed, it can even feel strange for the patient when he or she is sitting.

I think butt augmentation really started to take off when the Brazilian butt lift hit. Now, the name is a bit of misnomer. You don’t have to go to Brazil to get a Brazilian butt lift. You can get a Brazilian butt lift in New Jersey or California. It simply refers to the way the butt lift procedure is accomplished. During a Brazilian butt lift, fat is removed from one area of the body (usually using a liposuction procedure) and placed elsewhere in the body. So, not only does a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure get your awesome, natural-looking results, but it also removes fat from somewhere else on your body. It’s easy to see why the Butt Lift in 2016 is booming.

Where is the Butt Lift Going in 2016?

As with any procedure, there’s always a danger that the butt lift and butt augmentation more broadly could get too hot too quick. And when you look at the trends over the last fifteen years, there’s definitely a sense that butt augmentation procedures have been booming. But when a procedure has been booming for fifteen years, there’s definitely the sense that this is something that’s here to stay. So if you’re interested in getting a butt lift in 2016, you can rest assured that you’ll probably like your results for the next several decades.

Because that’s how long your results will last. One of the nice things about modern Brazilian butt lift procedures is that even though the procedures are minimally invasive, the results will last for a good long time. This is true because the fat that is transferred to the rear end will—once it takes—stay there like any other normal tissue. A very small percentage of the fat may be absorbed back into your body, but the vast majority of it will stay put.

The Trend Keeps Going

With excellent, natural looking results that also improve the way you look in other areas of the body, it’s easy to see what makes a Brazilian butt lift incredibly popular. It’s our guess that the popularity of the butt lift in 2016 will extend into 2017 as well. In fact, there’s little question that this procedure will not be going anywhere anytime soon. And that’s likely because of the benefits the procedure has to offer and because of shifts in broader culture as well.

Let’s face it, the rear end is a piece of anatomy that is exceptionally difficult to change with diet and exercise. This makes plastic surgery an exceptionally appealing solution, especially because it’s now easier than ever to get the overall look you want. If you want a bigger butt, well, a butt augmentation procedure might just be for you.