Summary: The trending hand lift. It’s here and it’s likely here to stay. This happens every so often. Plastic surgery invents a new procedure and that procedure catches on with a wide swatch of the population. In this case, I suspect it’s because of the popularity of engagement photos on social media. You know the ones: pictures of a giant ring on youthful looking fingers. Well, everyone wants those youthful looking fingers and the perfect engagement photos. There are a couple of ways to get results and be ready to share perfect photos.

trending hand lift

Meet the Trending Hand Lift

Plastic surgery is famous for its setting of trends. Sometimes this is a good thing—we have these trends to thank for Botox and other non-surgical techniques. We also have “trendy” plastic surgery to thank for less invasive versions of surgical procedures (breast augmentation and so on). But, these trends are sometimes just that, a trend that goes away quickly. We’ve seen that before, and by no means is plastic surgery the only place where this kind of thing happens (fashion, for example, is notorious for this kind of thing—setting trends and then leaving those trends behind shortly thereafter).

To some degree, this is simply the nature of the beast. It’s the way things work. The wheels never stop turning, and plastic surgeons never stop innovating. That’s part of the reason for the trends after all: plastic surgeons roll out new procedures, make new results available. In other words, there are simply more procedures today than there were ten years ago, so it makes sense that some of these new procedures would catch on from time to time. A “trend” in plastic surgery simply means that suddenly more and more people want the same thing—sometimes because it’s being offered for the first time. This is quite good for those patients.

Meeting the Demands of Patients

Among those patients who current trends are benefiting are those with wrinkled hands. If you think about it, wrinkled hands aren’t terribly uncommon. But they can definitely indicate the beginning of the aging process. So for patients who have recently undergone a facelift or some other kind of procedure to make themselves look younger will indeed look years younger—in certain areas. To have a youthful looking face but incredibly wrinkled hands introduces a kind of disconnect in the brains of those who see it. This disconnect can undermine the illusion of youth that you were attempting to create in the first place.

Therefore, many patients are undergoing surgery to complete the illusion. It should come as no surprise then that “hand lifts” are starting to take off. According to the most recent news stories about hand lifts, this procedure can be accomplished in one of two ways. First is surgically: the same way that you might get a facelift (incisions, stretching of skin, removal of excess skin, and so on). This yields permanent results. There are some drawbacks, of course: there is a recovery period, and there may be some swelling. The skin of the hands is quite delicate, so you definitely want to make sure you talk through this option with your plastic surgeon.

A Non-Surgical Option

The other option is a non-surgical. During this procedure, dermal filler is injected under the skin of the hands in order to generate more volume and smooth out the skin. This, essentially, eliminates wrinkles, and makes everything look a lot more youthful. Basically, as you age, your skin expands, and your volume-to-skin ratio starts to favor the skin. Adding more volume helps even out that ratio and, therefore, makes your hands look a little bit more youthful. This version of the hand lift is actually pretty common among young people, especially before they start to show the signs of aging, and the reason is pretty simple: engagement photos.

These engagement photos tend to heavily showcase the hand with the engagement ring, so many patients don’t want to look that “old” in such photos. The hand lift is usually the procedure that swoops in to the rescue. That said, many people—patients from a wide variety of different ages—invest in hand lift surgeries. It might have something to do with the fact that, these days, images and photos are just so much more common. Everybody is snapping pictures all the time, and the chances that your hand will end up in one is actually pretty good.

Happy Hands, Happy Face, Happy Patient

In reality, it’s not all that different from a facelift—only it focuses on a different area. If you’re looking for a facelift in Clear Lake TX, for example, that should be pretty easy to find. If you’re looking for a hand lift, that might be a bit more problematic, only because the procedure is still catching on. Even so, it’s a trending procedure and likely will be available more widely soon. Even still, it’s worth talking to your plastic surgeon about what you want out of plastic surgery. After all, the hands aren’t the only piece of anatomy that could undermine your youthful appearance. The neck is another big one that many patients want addressed in addition to the face.

In either case, talk to your plastic surgeon today!