Summary: Breast procedures often get lumped together. That might be because breast augmentation procedures are so popular that they kind of take all the ink. But there’s a procedure called a breast lift that is becoming more and more popular. So what’s the difference between breast lift and breast augmentation procedures? Well, it starts with the desired end results. Breast lift procedures are designed to keep the breasts roughly the same size, where as breast augmentation procedures are designed to increase the size of the breast.

difference between breast lift and breast augmentation

The Difference Between Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Procedures

When it comes to the fastest growing breast procedure in the United States, you might assume that it’s the always-present “boob job.” However, it turns out that this isn’t the case. The breast lift has actually been gaining in popularity faster than its breast enhancement cousin. As a relatively recent innovation in breast enhancement surgery, breast lift hasn’t been around forever. Essentially, some patients are using a breast lift now to accomplish what they may have used a breast augmentation to do before. This change in the way that women accomplish the look they want with their breasts speaks to the increasing popularity of breast lift procedures.

So what exactly is a breast lift? This is a procedure that is designed to make the breast look more youthful. As one ages, the forces of gravity and, often, child-rearing take a toll on the breast. The breast begins to sag and droop. This, basically, sends an unwanted code to people who may see it this way (including the person who the breasts belong to): old. In order to change that message, many women want younger looking breasts—that means perkier and much less saggy. The way to get this look is through a breast lift procedure. While there are quite a few breast lift techniques, most of these techniques are designed to, obviously, “lift” the breast.

The Size of the Breast Stays the Same

In most cases, the size of the breast will not change, though it may appear that way. The cup size of the breast will generally remain somewhat constant, but as one ages, it does not appear that way. Excess tissue is “collected” in most bra designs and made to look like part of the breast cup. A breast lift may remove some of that excess tissue, meaning that the breast cup size will remain the same, but you may need to order some smaller bras. That said, your breasts will look more naturally perky than they used to and will, therefore, look better.

This is an effect many women used to use breast augmentation to achieve. But breast augmentation procedures are now reserved almost completely for an increase in the size of the breast. This is usually achieved through an implant (most often silicone, but sometimes saline or fat graft). The end result for breast augmentation procedures is a larger, rounder breast. Depending on the size of the implant, this can sometimes look exaggerated, though that is often intentional.

Sometimes, Patients Get Both

So what is the difference between a breast lift and a breast augmentation? In most cases, it’s about the size that you want at the end of your journey. If you’re interested in increasing the size of your breasts, then an augmentation is the only way to go. It’s really the only way to get larger breasts. However, if you’re more interested simply in changing the perkiness of the breast—of getting a youthful look, of having the breasts you remember having before child birth, then a breast lift is the best alternative, whether you get a breast lift in Minneapolis or New York.

In some cases, patients will opt for both. It’s not entirely uncommon, after all, for a woman to want larger breasts but to acknowledge that, for those breasts to appear as youthful as possible, a lift will also be necessary. In these cases, the procedures can be performed concurrently, depending on the recommendations of your plastic surgeon. In either case, it’s possible.

Feeling Great in Your Own Body

So if you’re looking for a new pair of breasts or simply an improved pair of breasts, there are certainly procedures out there that can accomplish that. Most surveys after breast lift and breast augmentation procedures have shown a marked increase in self-esteem, self-confidence and quality of life. In other words, patients feel like they’re finally in the body they were meant to have. It doesn’t make all of their problems go away, but it can certainly give some patients a second chance on their youth or a second opportunity to enjoy that youth.

Breast lift procedures show no sign of waning in popularity, though it’s far too early to tell whether or not they are the “next boob job.” Plastic surgery procedures often move in cycles of popularity, with some procedures here today and gone tomorrow. However, breast lifts seem to be meeting a real need at this point, so it’s likely that their popularity is more than a simple fad. Of course, in that regard, only time will tell.