Summary: Reportedly, Daytime TV star Ellen DeGeneres has spent tens of thousands of dollars in order to keep her cosmetic surgery looking natural and unnoticeable.


Ellen’s Little Secret

While her wife Portia de Rossi has very obviously taken a fond liking to Botox and injectables, Ellen DeGeneres’s cosmetic surgery story seems to be more on the down low. The Daytime TV star who has more Emmy’s than we can count has reportedly undergone several brow lift and face lift procedures with the demand that the results appear subtle and not in any way dramatic. We think that keeping secrets is a little dramatic ourselves, but her beautiful, not-so-obvious brow lift certainly makes her look younger and smoother so who are we to judge?

Handling Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrities out there today handle cosmetic surgery in two different ways:  they sing their results from the roof tops, or they try to fly under the radar like Ellen has. Both ways have validity, and cosmetic surgery is a personal journey that people are free to handle any way they see fit. If you are about to undergo a brow lift similar to DeGeneres, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • How dramatic do I want my results to be? Face and brow lifts can vary from subtle to extreme depending on the patient’s desires.
  • How will I handle the response to changes to my face? Keeping your journey private vs. sharing your success story with the world (and your close group of friends) is an important decision when undergoing plastic surgery.
  • Will I be okay discussing my results after being approached with the topic? Is cosmetic surgery something that will bring me more pride or more shame?

You can handle cosmetic surgery however you wish, and Ellen seems to be the perfect role model for those who prefer to stay more hush-hush on the topic.

Brows Lifted and Camera Ready

Ellen reportedly underwent her first brow lift in anticipation of being a judge on American Idol in 2009. Slowly over the next few years it seems that DeGeneres has undergone small procedures here and there in order to maintain her fresh, radiantly lifted new look. The Cover Girl spokesperson has kept to herself about her gradual, beautiful transformation up until this point, but we do suspect that since her wife Portia’s cosmetic alterations are becoming much more obvious, the topic will be hard to avoid for much longer. While we aren’t completely sure as to what she has undergone, seeing as how Ellen is older and more regularly in the spotlight, she may have undergone a number of procedures in addition to a brow lift such as a laser peel, neck lift, and Botox/injectables. It is also very possible that she may have also had a facelift and eyelift more recently.

Your Best Face Forward

It is so important to understand that everyone’s cosmetic surgery story is different. If you are inspired by Ellen’s small tweaks here and there in order to create perfection, talk to your doctor today about a brow lift and no one will ever have to know!

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