What's making people flock to ear surgery?

Why is ear surgery suddenly so popular? The question implies that ear surgery has been unpopular for some time. But that’s not necessarily true. Ear surgery has always enjoyed a certain degree of popularity--especially among those who would actually be helped by the procedure. It doesn’t matter how many people love ear surgery or rave about it. What matters is that the people who need it know about it.

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If you’ve been following plastic surgery for a while, you might be struck by the sudden surge in a particular procedure. Even if you haven’t been following plastic surgery for very long, you still might be wondering, why is ear surgery suddenly so popular? After all, it seems like something of a niche procedure at best. How many people really want surgery on their ears?

Why is Ear Surgery Suddenly so Popular with the Media?

Turns out, there are actually quite a few people who would like to change something about their ears. The reasons are not all that different than one might expect for a procedure such as rhinoplasty or an eyelid lift.

In many ways, these procedures are about returning balance to the face in some regard. One might get a rhinoplasty to decrease the size of the nose because that new size works better for the overall face. Ear surgery works in much the same way. Why is ear surgery suddenly so popular? Because it’s an effective way for patients to return balance to the face. Let’s look at how that might actually be done.

Two Types of Ear Surgery

Most people don’t know that there are actually two different types of ear surgery. So the term “ear surgery” is itself one used to encompass both of these different procedures. The two types of ear surgery are:

  • Earlobe Reduction: Not that long ago, Kris Jenner (of Kardashian fame) made headlines by getting her earlobe reduction surgery on TV. This is a procedure that’s designed to reduce the size of the earlobes–either in “dangliness” or circumference (or both). It’s actually a pretty simple procedure. Surgeons make a couple of small incisions around the ear and then tuck them together.
  • Otoplasty: The other type of ear surgery is often referred to as “otoplasty.” This involves managing ears that tend to stick out too far when compared to the head. These procedures are performed on a wide variety of patients who simply want their ears to conform to their heads a little bit more. To accomplish this, the ears are usually surgically “pinned back” to the head, where otherwise they will continue to function normally.

Most people can return to daily activities relatively quickly after an ear surgery of either type, though it’s always best to consult with your surgeon about how best to take care of your ears after any such procedure.

Now that we know what ear surgery is, we can start to talk about why it’s actually pretty popular.

The Popularity of Ear Surgery

To be sure, it’s not like ear surgery has a vaunted place within the media. They’re not constantly talking about ear surgery in the tabloids or on TMZ, although Kris Jenner’s earlobe reduction surgery changed that equation slightly. No doubt, there will be a surge in earlobe reduction requests thanks to her appearance.

Ear surgery just doesn’t exist in the public consciousness the same way something like a breast augmentation does. However, that doesn’t mean that ear surgery isn’t popular. Indeed, there are several important reasons why ear surgery remains in demand among its patients. (Though, there isn’t much repeat business–once you get ear surgery, you’re often good to go.)

Some of the reasons why ear surgery is popular include the following:

  • Ear surgery can make the ears more proportional to the overall head
  • Patients who undergo ear surgery often report significant improvements to confidence and self esteem
  • Some patients will actually undergo ear surgery due to bullying–that’s especially the case with younger patients
  • Ear surgery can help the ears stand out less–in other words, people will stare at the patient’s ears less

For most patients, it’s about establishing control over how they look–and over how they feel. In that way, ear surgery is not all that different from many other plastic surgery procedures.

How Do You Feel About Your Ears?

Not everyone is going to be a good candidate for ear surgery of any kind. It usually comes down to something like this: how do you feel about your ears? If you like your ears, then you shouldn’t consider ear surgery. If you dislike your ears, you might be a good candidate, but you have to keep digging.

Why is ear surgery suddenly so popular? There are plenty of reasons. But what really matters most is whether it’s popular (and thus the right fit) for you.

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